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Ancient Dragon's Biography
The pair of these Black Dragons are protecting my home
The pair of these Black Dragons are protecting my home
Ancient Home of Dragon
My Biography
The curious guests can read this short version of my biography of 502 years of the Dragon life. Some cute pictures from the family album there too!
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
Those who helped with this site that it would be as it is now are all there. You can read their names and see their portraits and even read some biographies.
Links page to interesting sites
The links to the sites I have visited on Internet and found interesting are on this page. If you didn't know about them before, I recommend you to check them out.
Ancient Dragon's Tavern Tail and Claw
Message Board
If you want to tell me or anybody else anything, you are welcome there. If you find something wrong on the site, please tell me, I would appreciate.
The Central page for Strategy section. Links to Heroes and Might and Magic pages.
That was the first reason why it all started. Reviews, walkthroughs, analysis, strategy guides, beginner's manuals, advices, hints, tips, images, screenshots, reference material to Heroes of Might and Magic III & IV and to Might and Magic VI, VII, VIII and IX.
Heroes of Might and Magic III and IV

~ Towns' descriptions, reviews and histories with images of creatures and towns, everything you need to know about the towns in Heroes

~ other players' opinions (did you ever wonder how other players think, then read!)

~ Beginner's Manual for HoMM III (for those who just started, the advises how to have fun, not frustration from the game)

~ other player's Strategy Guides (words of wisdom about Heroes strategy from the 3DO Community members)

~ Heroes of MM History - all the history, all the events of the Heroes world, as well as 'Who is Who' section;          everything you can read in leisure with a cup of hot (or strong) drink in hand (paw, claw, teeth, hoof, whatever you have) and not in anticipation of hard battles ahead and without headache where the hell find some extra sulfur to build the Dragon Cave!

~ Heroes of Might and Magic IV section, including HoMM IV Manual
Might and Magic VI, VII, VIII and IX

~ The detailed advises step by step for those who want to play SOLO, i.e. with only one character the whole game (games) from the  beginning to the end. Both path/characters of  Might and Magic orientation are described.  Tons of tips and warnings how to pass the game(s) with advises for specific locations and  monsters. Walkthroughs and guides.

~ Custom-made Crosswords with solutions from the Might and Magic world.

~ Gallery with a lot of images, screenshots, animations from the games. Some reference material (schedules, locations, names) is included.

~ History of Might and Magic from the first game till the eighth where all events are neatly knitted together. Now everything will be clear for you.

~  Might and Magic IX section. Tips and advices, game reviews and overviews. Quests, spells, skills, FAQ, solutions to problems, screenshots, Step-by-step Walkthrough, Guide, Solo game. Answers to all your questions.
Ancient Dragon's Library with fan fiction, stories, poems, collection of jokes and anecdotes, wise quotes.
Dragons are not only rich (by human standards), they are wise too. You ought to be to live thousands of years or you'd be killed by the first bunch of Dragon Slayers, okay, by the second, at the most.
That's why I have followed the example of my elders and compiled my own library.
Here you can find different things: wise and clever phrases and quotes, funny stuff, jokes and anecdotes, riddles. Something for every mood and every day. You'll find some jokes about characters from Heroes and Might and Magic.
Special place for fan fiction stories and poems.
The Library has been updating regularly in all sections, including new fan fiction works.
If you are a writer and would like
to submit your work, you are  very welcomed. Your rights are always protected and respected here.
Ancient Dragon's Gallery with huge collection of Dragons pictures, fantasy images and animations, wildlife gallery, galleries of the artists' artwork.
The second biggest part of the site that requires the special premises in my home. There are more than 1200 pictures.
As you probably know the Dragons are very fond of collecting fine, beautiful, precious and expensive things. Among other treasures I like to collect pictures, Dragons' & other creatures' images.
I think I have pretty good gallery of Dragons images here (360 pictures).
A lot of animated pictures and original screenshots from Might and Magic (400+ images).
Galleries of the wonderful fantasy artists - Anry, Larry Elmore and Kevin Palivec. 
Special Fantasy pictures gallery (100+).
High quality wildlife photo gallery of big wildcats, bears and other magnificent animals.
The Gallery has been updating on the regular basis.
The site Ancient Home of Dragon was launched on the 5th of March, 2001 and republished on the 11th of May, 2002.
© 2001-2002 Copyright BES the Black Dragon... 
The Author of the site is BES the Black Dragon
and his family and the pets....
The Author expresses his gratitude to the people who spent a lot of their time and efforts to test this site. Thank you very much!
    Site testers: Viti, Hodge Podge, Kriton, Somnophore. 

This site is not commercial and was done by the players and for the players. All opinions, views and thoughts expressed herein are expressly of the authors. 3DO, New World Computing or any other company have no whatsoever connection to this site or the opinions expressed here.
Heroes of Might and Magic III, Restoration of Erathia, Armageddon's Blade, Shadow of Death, Might and Magic VI, Might and Magic VII, Might and Magic VIII, New World Computing, 3DO, and their respective logos, are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of The 3DO Company in the U.S. and/or other countries. New World Computing is a division of The 3DO Company.
The images shown on this site were either obtained from a number of sources on the Internet that labeled them as "freely distributable" or made by the author himself as screenshots from the original 3DO games. The quality of graphic in the last case could be diminished from the original. 
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The complete map of the site
The site map of 250 main and central pages of the site. 
Simply click on the title and you'll jump directly to the page you need.
The Map is constantly updating according to the changes on the site.
Little green Dragon likes to read the entries to the Guest Book
Best viewed at 1024x768 resolution  with Internet Explorer 5.0+
Crosswords, puzzles, wordcatchers for HoMM and MM games
Self-made crosswords for you to solve. One condition only - you have to be fluent in the world of Heroes of Might and Magic and Might and Magic series to beat them!
Answers are on the Message Board.
Last Update: 31st of August, 2007 with the new additions in:
Place of my self esteem, where the site awards are put on display. :)
Site Awards
The great collection of the animated fantasy creatures that is better to be seen than to be described
Perhaps the best collection of the highest quality animated fantasy  creatures on the web.
See for yourself: mages and sorcerers, dragons and wyverns, dwarves and elves, crusaders and monks, vampires and skeletons, liches and queen of the dead, centaurs and unicorns, manticores and minotaurs.
The list is going on... Some of them you have never seen and maybe even never heard of.
But better one time to see than thousand times to read.
All these great animated personages are moving in their natural environment - on screenshots from their world - Might and Magic PC games series.
Big collection of fire-related animations, candles, torches and fires.
and special page with Cool Animations.
Cool Malathar Dragon animations by Kevin Palivec.
The details of the site layout were done with the help of the artwork of
Dee Dreslough by the permission of the artist. Thank you, Dee! Without your dragons the site would not be as I have wanted it.
Engine Submission
Might and Magic IX
Second part of the step-by-step Walkthrough
Wise Quotes
More themes and twice as many quotes - hundreds of citations now for all occasions.
Complete reconstruction of the section with 100 riddles (and answers to them) now.
Two more chapters of Naga Story
News Archive
Complete history of the site with all updates information.
Manual site submission to search engines and web directories. Reliable and high quaility service that  I have used myself. Forget about automatic programs - they do not work, at least they didn't for me.
I recommend MCP Submission Service to all webmasters, who want to receive traffic from engines to their sites for sure.
Submission form and rules for those who would like to submit their work to the site
Do you want to submit a comment or an article, work, story, poem?
Then you need to visit this page where you can read the rules (very straight forward and easy to follow) and submit your work in the form directly online.
The archive of everything what have happened on the site
News Archive
The complete history of the site with all updates information. Even if you have missed some update you can always check what have happened on the site while you were away.
Hmmm... I must probably apologize for not doing that what I should have done a long time ago. Well... I apologize. During the nearest future, I will try to do an upgrade of the site and hopefully something of it you will find interesting.

Yours Truly,

BES the Black Dragon
Dragon Mountains, Garrote Gorge
The True Time: Year 57024 after Cataclysm, 4th Dragon Yawn
The Human Time: Year 2004, 8th Month, 8th Day, 16 PM.... yeah. Sunday.