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The turmoil on the continent of Erathia occasioned by the Succession War for the Enroth crown has touched the Wizards' and Alchemists' towns of Tower as well.
Ever hating instability Wizards decided to move to the snow land of Bracada where nobody would disturb them. Some creatures didn't like it there and asked to excuse them from the loyalty pledge to the Tower. Amongst them were the Rocs, who flew off to their greater cousins, the Thunderbirds in the Thunderfist Mountain in Nighon; the Boars, who decided to retire, and found a new home along with the old goblins in the deep wilderness of Erathia, and the last ones were the Halflings.
The numerous tribes of the hardworking Halflings decided to organize their own homeland in the waste territories of Eeofol. Some of them settled in Sweet Water as well. But they were welcomed everywhere as they were quiet creatures, intent at their everyday work of planting and harvesting, keeping and caring. In short time they have transformed Eeofol into a flowering land.
When the horrible Kreegans' invasion has begun on the Night of Shooting Stars in Sweet Water, and later, in Eeofol, which was completely occupied by the merciless invaders, the loss of the Halflings' new homeland was mourned in the Tower towns as well, where the memory of brave, honest little Halflings was still fresh.
The Wizards were never able to find the exact match for the lost Halfling units in the Tower amy, but they managed to acquire the sufficient substitute. Those were the Gremlins, often used for the menial ard work and never completely trusted, therefore always chained. Those who have proven their loyalty, have their chains cut and were taught the rudiment marksmanship tactics. The Master Gremlins were never entusted with bows but were taught to untwist the iron balls on chain and hurl them into enemy units. They were not very strong fighters, to put it mildly, but there were a lot of them and they were always willing to fight, most probably preferring it to the menial labours.
The Mages and the Arch Mages continued to create the standard ground units fot the Tower army - Stone and Iron Golems. The powerful mighty Giants and Titans stood their guard at the walls of the Tower towns as ever. But with the absence of the Rocs who finally found their new home along with the Thunderbirds in the Stronghold towns of the Barbarians, there was no flying unit in the Tower army. That was completely unacceptable and the Wizards put every effort in finding new willing recruits.
The Lady of Fortune was kind to them and they have found what they were looking for. First, they tempted the Gargoyles from the Dungeon towns with the high towers and good meals. Between battles they looked marvelous on the high parapets of the Lookout Tower, such nice horrible stone and obsidian beasts.
The second flying unit was found much closer than it was anticipated - in the high snow-covered mountains of Bracada itself. Incidentally a huge system of caves was found there. Those were not natural but handworked with becautiful strange ornaments, chiseled on the walls. There were many altars in the walls and small golden closed lamps on them. The Wizards were called to the place to investigate. They proclaimed that this was the resting place of the Genies, the mysterious creatures of the air realm who were known to invlve themselves in humans' and other creatures' deals before. After some heated discussion the Wizards decided to take a chance and summon the elder Master Genie from his lamp in hope that they would be able to forge an alliance with the magical air creatures. The Wizards were lucky that day.
The Master Genie was desperately bored to sit in his lamp for centuries and eager for new adventures. The deal was signed and the Tower got new powerful allies. The only term put forward by the Master Genie was that his subjects would never use their magical spell casting abilities on enemy units, but only on allies. The Wizards were happy with this as the Master genies were known as the magical adepts who had the vast knowledge of diffirent and powerful spells.
The last creatures enlisted in the Tower army were the Nagas. Nobody knows where they came from and even where they were naturally born or created by Wizards the same way as they have created the Golems. They looked like a magical mix of warrior women and the deadliest rattlesnakes for sure. They even had rattlerings at the tailends and the noise of this dry scaly rattling scared to death even the bravest fighters. Enemies learnt the hard way to fear the Naga Queens' attacks with many arms and the sword in each one of it. It was impossible to retaliate against them.
The Nagas were the last new creatures in the Tower army. It was complete to the satisfaction of the Wizards. They were sure and justifiably so in their assumption that anyone would think twice now before attacking the full strength of the Tower army.
If you click on the link button here, you'll see all the images of Tower creatures with their statistics and the views of Tower from outside and inside.
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BESS the Black Dragon
Sir Charles
Sir Charles
12th of February, 2001
Okay, why do I think Tower is the best?... Actually, I don't. I just like it the most. :O)

I prefer magic to might. It's not that magic is better; it's just a personal preference.

With that in mind, the Library alone makes Tower reason enough to like Tower best. Also, when buying troops I tend to focus on shooters. Tower has 3 shooters, just another reason for my preference.

And lastly, my favorite troop is the Naga Queen. It is the most visually appealing troop in the game; it's incredibly strong with no retaliation, set amount of damage, and fun as hell to play with. :O)

If you want my opinion of which town is the best... I'd probably have to say either Castle (which I dislike playing because you were forced to in so many campaigns) or Dungeon. If you excel at playing spell-casting heroes, then Dungeon is the best choice.
24th of February, 2001
Can't say that I prefer Tower most of all, because of the expenses and time needed to have the full built town, but I still like it, mainly because of it's many opportunities for the magic oriented player as myself. Full Mage Guild, Library, Wall of Knowledge, Artifact Merchat are all useful for spell casting.

Arch Magi, Nagas and Titans are the toughest units of Tower and in big numbers can be a nuisance for the opponent in the game.

Well, also maybe not so rational reason, but the view of the town inside I think is one of the best especially when the Graal is already hanging in the sky and the outside view is the most corresponding to my image of magical castle we all have in our minds.