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The Stronghold was allied with prince Archibald in the Succession Wars between two Ironfist brothers for the Enroth throne. Archibald lost the war, his claim for the throne and run for his life. His allies had to flee as well. So, the Barabrians found themselves on the continent of Erathia far from their homes in Enroth. They had to look for a new home as all other Enroth fugitives.
First the Barbarians clans have traveled the mainland of Erathia with the Dungeon Lords until they reached the islands of Nighon. The Warlocks and Overlords found the underground tunnels for their taste and decided to settle down in Nighon, but the Barbarians didn't like the narrow, dry, and deep subterranean corridors. It wasn't the right place for them.
The trip to Nighon wasn't fruitless, though. The Ogre Mages found new allies in the Nighon tunnels. When inquired how did they manage to do this, they vaguely answered something about lavish feasts and wine barrels, but the result was for everyone to see. The tribes of Behemoths and Ancient Behemoths pledged their loyalty to Stronghold. It is said that enemies were so frightened when saw the extremely long razor sharp claws and hear the horrible roar of the Ancient Behemoths that they just die from fright. The Dungeon Lords were deeply offended and mad from jealousy that such powerful, perhaps one of the most powerful among ever existed creatures as the Ancient Behemoth who with his huge attack and defense also reduces down to 80% the defense of any opponent, decided to ally with Stronghold and not Dungeon.
In the words not allowing any ground for discussion the Dungeon Lords informed her Barbarians that Nighon is claimed for Dungeon and the Stronghold towns must be build somewhere else, but not there. The Barbarians didn't find wise to anger the Warlocks anymore, and left for the Erathian mainland, but before this they have managed to steal one more of the native Nighon creatures from Dungeon submission campaign, that were the mighty bird tribes of Rocks and Thunderbirds which lived high in the Thunderfist Mountains. They were promised the respected position in Stronghold army and the fair part in future looting.
The trip to Erathia mainland and wandering around the continent were hard for the Barbarians clans. They have lost the Trolls who have had enough and decided to detach and settle in the humid green swamps of Tatalia. That was the painful loss as the Trolls were good and strong fighters. The only small consolation was the promise of the Trolls' elders that the tribe would keep neutral ground in any affairs and never raise arms against their former barbarian brothers.
After saying the last good-byes to the Trolls, the Barbarians set off again searching for land that they could call home. But all territories were already occupied. Those months that the Barbarians have lost for the trip there and back from Nighon turned out to be the decisive ones. Now the only land left for them to settle in was the small waste territory known by the name of Krewlod. It was that or nothing. The Barbarians chose Krewlod instead of nothing.
The first years in Krewlod were hard. The land was bare. Everything had to be built from scratch. But the Barbarians have endured and created their new home on the abandoned territory of Krewlod. They were the tuff guys.
They were called the Barbarians not for nothing.
Some think that if you are a Barbarian with this muscles, you ought to be stupid. No, that's a big mistake, this thinking; and he proof is in the way how the Barbarians organized the creating of their new homeland.
First of all they sent a lot of small scouting parties all around Krewlod to gather information about the territory.
To speed up the process the most experienced goblins were put on the wolves. So, the new Wolf Riders and Wolf Raiders detachments were formed. They brought back the reports and the places for new towns were decided.
The actual construction of the Stronghold towns was put on the broad shoulders of the Cyclops. It was a heavy work, to turn the huge stone boulders out of soil and put them together into walls. Maybe these titanic efforts, maybe rare and poor meals (on the first time, there was not enough food) were to blame, but the Cyclops have lost their magical ability to paralyze enemies just by looking at them. It was grievous news. But what was done is done and the Cyclops continue to build the walls of the new Stronghold towns. Incidentally they have discovered that it is much more convenient to throw the heavy boulders than to carry them all the time. They became experts in boulder throwing and even organized contests among themselves for the title of the Best Thrower.
It was one of these contests when a Barbarian leader has suggested the brilliant idea that if the Cyclops were so good in throwing boulders, then why not use this ability in combat? Boulders can be thrown into enemy units and boulders can yet be thrown at the enemy's town walls. The Cyclops can be used as ballistas and as shooters. That day the elite unit of the Cyclops Kings was organized.
This is the story of the Stronghold. This was the beginning of the Barbarian country Krewlod.
In the future battles, the army of Stronghold forced opponents to respect the barbarians' attack strength and their fierce fighting abilities. The fools who laughed at the Barbarians were all bones many years already. The cautious ones signed the peace treaties with the Stronghold. Those who were wise, studied their tactics.
Top 10 Reasons Why I Prefer Stronghold
#10. It is perfectly suited to my play style
#09. I like to do massive amounts of damage to my opponent's troops
#08. Offensive units let me influence my opponents' tactics
#07. I like the secondary skills that Stronghold heroes are inclined to get
#06. It's relatively easy to build up the town
#05. Creatures are cheap and abundant
#04. Ogre Magi are great all purpose units
#03. Behemoths strike fear into the heart of most enemies
#02. My mantra is: "The best defense is a great offense"
And the #1 reason why I prefer Stronghold:
#01. I'm a Barbarian (what did you expect?) >;-)
I really like Stronghold (surprise, surprise ;) For Behemoths, of course. My furry brothers can do a major devastation, especially when fighting creatures of higher levels.
The Cyclopes are wonderful range attackers - they're powerful and they can destroy wall BUT their dwelling is quite expensive.
Thunderbirds are good, but sometimes they seem a bit easy to kill for me.
Ogre Magi are very good garrison creatures - strong in both attack and defense, and able to cast Bloodlust.
Orcs are very helpful in the earliest phase of the game when you're fighting creatures of low levels, especially ones that aren't ranged attackers.
Wolf Raiders can do quite much with their double attack, but they fall easily.
When playing Stronghold, you can get the level 7 dwelling quite fast (Goblin Barracks -> Wolf Pen -> Cliff Nest -> Behemoth Lair). There's more problems with the level 6 dwelling - usually last on my building schedule.
The Hall of Valhalla is a useful building - ever too much Attack Skill. You can also get 2 War Machines in the town. Your hero can escape a siege thanks to the Escape Tunnel.
One of the town's downsides is that it has only 3 levels of the Mage Guild. Magic heroes have a problem here. Of course, there is always a possiblity of conquering other towns and learning spells, but it is still a disadvantage.
My favourite hero from Stronghold is Dessa the Battle Mage. First of all, he has a wonderful speciality (lLogistics). Second of all, Battle Mages in general can learn all magic skills if necessary. The only skill they will never learn is Navigation, which isn't an essential skill.
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Kriton the Barbarian
Behemoth the Tribe Leader
21st of February, 2001
24th of February, 2001