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Rampart is the town of the Elves. There were no Elves on the continent of Erathia before. Yet they came from the mysterious island of Vori for some reason or another and settled in Tularean Forest and Avlee.
They have lived peacefully by themselves in their green dense forests until the day came when the waves of the horrible Succession War between two Ironfist princes Roland and Archibald reached Erathia.
The old world was shattered to pieces. The fugitives brought grim news from Enroth, grim news and a lot of trouble. The continent was in turmoil. Creatures were coming and leaving, looking for new homes and abandoning the old ones. The Elves didn't feel safe anymore in their home. They had to think about organizing an army. Elves were all the excellent archers and rangers but that wasn't enough to withstand an attack of the Necromacers' army or Black Dragons with Minotaurs, if any would come.
The Faerie King of Elves summoned all his highest Druids and Rangers for the Grand Council. They have argued and discussed the issue of the Rampart towns' security for a whole week. Finally the plan of creating a new army for the Rampart was declared. The Elves decided to turn this grave situation on the continent to their own advantage by recruiting new creatures willing to settle on the Elven territory.
Elven rangers provided detailed intelligence reports of all creatures without homes or dissatisfied with their new ones.
They have offered whole three candidates from the disintegrated Sorceress' towns - Dwarves, Grand Elves and Unicorns.
Recruiting Grand Elves was the easiest of them all.
They were cousins to the native Wood Elves of the Tularean Forest and Avlee, but after the training in towns they have become an elite archer detachment. They were extremely useful for Rampart defenses with thir two shots per attack ability acquired after many years of hard training.
The tribe of Unicorns was scattered in the wilderness of Erathia. Elven rangers reported that these majestic creatures with their powerful magic aura around them and the blinding attack ability were the furious fighters, especially the War Unicorns, males of the tribe. Their deep sense of freedom and dignity couldn't permit to bend to any foreign will.
They can be allies only by their own choice and desire, but never by suppression. The Elven Lords were in loss how to approach these creatures, but the Elven maidens offered the easiest solution. With gentle words, soft songs, sweet apples and kindness the prettiest Elven girls brought more complaisant she-unicorns to the Rampart towns. Their male War Unicorns just had to follow them as well. Fortunately they have liked the green forests of Avlee and chose to stay in Rampart dwellings.
A lot of heated discussions were raised because of the Dwarven issue.These particular Dwarves offered for recruiting were from the former Sorceress' towns. They were not welcomed anymore to the Dwarven homeland in Stone City. So, they were looking for a new home, that's  for sure, but the Elves had the history of conflicts with the Dwarves before. The question was could they trust these outcast Dwarves to become loyal allies? Finally, the Elves decided that they must apply to the Dwarven natural liking for mining. The Dwarves were promised free access to any mountains for digging whatsoever resources they can find on the Elven territory. Plus the Druids endowed them with the magical resistance raising their defense ability. That settled the problem nicely - the Dwarves were happy to serve Rampart, and also now give the +10% money bonus from their digging.
The next creatures for the Rampart army were the ancient Dendroids. These wise trees were severely wronged by humans who have stolen the Heart of Wood. The Faerie King of Elves met with the Elder of Dendroids and ensured the trees' support in exchange for Rampart protection and help in recovering the Heart of Wood.
The cavalry units for Rampart were combined from Centaurs and the local Elven girls who followed the ancient glorious ballads about the valiant war Elven princesses and insisted that they can fight no worse than male Elves, especially if they were sitting upon the winged Pegasus.
The Centaurs were recruited from Dungeon underground tunnels in Nighon. The poor creatures were miserable in those caves. They have longed for green grass and wide meadows, sunny places and high trees. The Elves were only to ask and the Centaurs were alredy moving to their new homes in Rampart.
While the new recruits were settling in their new Rampart dwellings, the last stage of the army assembling has begun. It was the tricky part concerning the future second most powerful creatures of Rampart - the Green Dragons, who at the moment didn't suspect anything and were living in Dungeon towns. The Elves decided to play on their vanity. In the Dragon hierarchy the Green Dragons stand on the lowest step. The Elves offered them the higher status in Rampart and a lot of gold, of course. Naive Greens have accepted the offer, but when arrived to Rampart discovered to their dismay that they are not the top creatures of Rampart after all, as the position was already taken by the Golden Dragons recruited by the Elves from the deepest woods of the Tularean Forest.
That is the story how the Elves have recruited the new army for the Rampart sometimes by cunning, sometimes by bribes, sometimes by offerng benefits and sometimes by kindness to other creatures. But this way or another, the Elves of Erathia have succeeded in putting their bold plan in practice. They got their army.
If you click on the link button here, you'll see all the images of Rampart creatures with their statistics and the views of Rampart from inside and outside.
BESS the Black Dragon
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Lady Dragon
Thorwallian the Assasin
29th of January, 2001
Why do I like Rampart?
Well, it's not the strongest castle, but almost all creatures have some nice special abilities.

Centaurs are the strongest level 1 units and this brings Rampart heroes a significant advantage in early game.

Dwarves with magic resistance are excellent level 2 units that are very well fit for defense.

Elves are almost best shooters in the game, especially of such low level.

Pegasi have high speed that often grants you first strike.

Dendroids are slow and useful only for defense, but of your hero gains the teleport spell, they rock!

Unicorns are average level 6 creatures but their blinding attack is very powerful.

And finally Gold Dragons - a very good level 7 unit that is almost as powerful as Black and even faster than one.

As for Rampart heroes - well, there are not many good ones, but Alagar is good for magic types and Ivor for might types...

And also - what do you prefer - the hero of Might or Magic?
I prefer both. :))