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Necropolis is the hometown of the Necromancers and the head of the Necromancers Guild has been Archibald Ironfist, the crown prince of Enroth. Archibald used every accessible for him way to ensure the crown for himself and managed to poison, drown or kill all other aspirants to the throne after the mystirious death of his own father. Everyone except his own brother Roland. Roland won the Succession War and Archibald fled for his life from Enroth to the continent of Antagarich. He settled in Deyja among his fellow Necromancers.
As it is well known the wars are the harvest time for the Necromancers. That's why even if they have lost the war they didn't lose the army. It was supplemeted by the souls of the fallen on battlefields.
The only creatures that have left the Necropolis after the Succession War were the Mummies, who were extremely tired of all these battles and decided to take a rest in their pyramids. Actually, in Necropolis everyone breathed the sign of relief when the Mummies proclaimed their intention to become neutral. It was a great nuisance to wrap and unwrap all these multitude of multicolor bandages every night and every morning of every Mummy in the town. That was one of the most hated jobs used as a punishment.
The vacant place left after the Mummies' departure wasn't vacant that long. The Ghosts of Enroth begged to be not left behind. They suffered a lot from the prince Roland who killed them mercilessly and deprived them of their magic ability to take the souls of the fallen and transform them to the ghosts. The Ghosts were the neutral creatures before, but as the undead they were faced with the severe reality of making a choice, either to suffer further persecutions from Roland in Enroth or go in exile with Archibald to Antagarich.
Archibald offered them compensation to the lost magical abilitites. He promised the Ghosts that should they enlist in his new undead army of Necropolis, then he would train them to Wights and Wraiths and give them the ability to withdraw spell power from an enemy. The Ghosts decided that Archibald's offer is a better choice and became the new detachment in the undead army.
Analyzing mistakes of the past war Archibald realized that his undead army is lacking speed. To improve this, he ordered to choose the best enemy knights among the fallen on the battlefields and raise them as the undead Death Knight. Those after the further training in the dark art were taught the special magic ability of cursing their opponents. The most promising ones were trained for the elite Dread Knights division. These could inflict the terrible deathblows to enemies that double the strength of the attack.
A lot of time was spent to improve the speed of the Zombies but these poor animated corpses just couldn't drag themselves any faster across the battlefield no matter how many curses and punishments they have recieved from their training sergeants. Absolutely frustrated, their drilling officer has approached Archibald, and the Zombies were left alone, but where enabled by the Necromancers to infect enemies with horrible deseases in order to somehow compensate their slow pace.
But all other creatures were ruthlessly trained round the clock as the undead don't need any sleep. All were improving in their fighting abilitites. Some of them were so good that the decision was made to form two new elite units, one of the lowest and one of the highest creatures. So, the special foot unit of Skeleton Warriors and the elite flying group of Ghost Dragons were organized.
Archibald has surveyed his army of the undead and decided that his chances in Antagarich could be better than in Enroth after all.
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