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If you are here the first time, please read the text below before going to the specific Might and Magic game section.
Some preliminary words from the Author...
... who is the devoted fan of playing Might and Magic games solo, meaning only with one character.
The Author wrote the tips and advises for MM VI-VIII for passing the solo game, however they ALL can be used for the usual game with the full party.
Might and Magic IX as the most recent game (spring 2002) has much wider presentation and includes not only the usual walkthrough for solo game but tons of other information as well, including articles of other players.
These advises and suggestions how to play Might and Magic VI, VII, VIII and recently Might and Magic IX (where other players shared their articles too) were composed exclusively on the basis of the personal game experience of the Author, who has played each of these games many times. As you understand, how many players, so many are the styles of the game and judgements what is right and what is wrong. Therefore these advises do not claim for the status of true in the last resort and mandatory to fulfillment but are exclusively what they are - only the advises.
The advises and suggestions for MM VI-VIII are made for the player, who beats the game Might and Magic with only ONE character. Certainly, they can be used and at a customary way of the game (with all possible characters - 4 characters for Might and Magic VI, VII and 5 characters - for Might and Magic VIII).
Step-by-step walkthrough for MM IX can be used both for solo and conventional style of playing.
The purpose of this page was the desire to warn of errors and to show the path most favouring to the success of the player (at any rate, one of the possible paths and apparent to the Author as an optimal).
The 'solo' game in Might and Magic enables even the experienced players to look anew at the passing of all the problems and the stages of the game. It is impossible to rely on the comrades in fight, they are simply not present. However, in some ways it is even easier to play 'solo'. The head will not be sick anymore, for whom to spend money, and for whom not to spend, whom to train and what to learn. Now you have only one hero, instead of four (or even five for MMVIII). And he/she will be as a spoiled child, all the money and all the attention will be spent only for him/her.
The Author offers to play the 'solo' game by two ways. As in the game it is kindly offered a possibility to use both 'might' and 'magic' paths, also your lone fighter can be the adherent of either might, or magic direction.
As in many other games the first steps in Might and Magic are the key ones, on which will depend many things later in the game. Therefore the significant attention is given to the subject of choosing the party and first steps of the game in each guide and walkthrough for MM VI-IX. Though you will be or will not be playing with only one character, but in the beginning of any Might and Magic game it is necessary to choose all four characters offered to you, otherwise you'll not be able to enter in the reserved country of Might and Magic. Special attention was paid to the extra advantages of choosing your characters properly.
In the guides are thoroughly explained: what is necessary and what is not; where to go and what to do; where to fight and where to run; on what to pay attention and what to learn. Due to these advices it is possible to hope, that your lone hero will become as mighty as Hercules and cunning as Odysseus, and will manage to crash everything, that he/she would have in mind to crush.
In this connection the Author has decided that there is no need to tell you in great details about the middle and final stages of the game. Why refuse you the pleasures of discovering and beating everything by yourselves? However, a lot of warnings, tips, hints (never spoilers!) and brief advices on separate places of the game are always present in the guides.
The seperate section "MIGHT HERO" is dedicated completely to the problems and solutions of playing a 'solo' Might hero, that is the most difficult way of playing 'solo' whatsoever. Please read it out for some useful tips.
For each Might and Magic game discussed here there is the small "REFERENCE SECTION", in which it is possible to find such useful things, as the schedules of the ships and stables, list of fountains, wells and shrines, places for training and etc.
And in the conclusion. The given strategy presupposes a honest passing of the game, without using of any cheating-codes or game-editing, as the Author is deeply convinced, that their usage does not bring anything except harm to the player as all the pleasure and thrill, and excitement of the gameplay is lost.
Moreover, the advices proceed from the fact that the Author belongs to that group of players, who always prefer to play "the hard old-fashioned way", i.e. without searching and using of those legal possibilites for more opportunist style of the game which exist in the program, such as the usage of NWC Dungeon or infinite exposure of a chest wih money. The Author understands, however, that it is only his personal style of the game and does not want in any way to impose it to anybody.
The Author hopes very much that his experience could be useful and will help you in the game. Enjoy it the same way as myself - tremendously!
Good luck to you in your adventures!

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