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In the first part there are the following locations:

Tips and Warnings
Mostly they are for the Magic Hero, i.e. the Druid, though there is a lot of useful information for any way of playing.
If you are playing with the Might Hero (Knight) be sure to check the separate section with the suggestions for the Knight solo game.
~ What skills (miscellaneous, combat and magic) to learn and promote first of all and why
~ Short tips how to pass practically all locations and most of the creatures in the game
~ A lot of advises in combat strategy
~ Warnings of difficult places and hard creatures
~ What not to forget when fighting with certain creatures
~ What spells better to use in which situations and why
What skills to learn for the Druid:

Advice: be accurate and attentive in horseshoes and then skills points distribution between skills, as it is a process that must not be done in haste.
Miscellaneous skills: (in order of importance)
~ Meditation (till Grand Master). It is the most important skill as it gives you extra spell points      and the main weapon of the Druid was, is, and will be magic.

~ Learning (till Master). Gives you more experience from fought battles and sucessfully               completed quests

~ Alchemy (till Grand Master). The Druid will be able to make white and black potions, the         most potent and expensive of any, and the must to be made thing in the game.
~ Perception (till Expert). Less damage from traps. Extremely usefull skill, as the Druid in MM    VII absolutely does not know the art of trap disarming

~ Armsmaster (Basic). More damage to enemy in hand-to-hand fights.

~ Identify Item (till Expert). An important skill, especially at the beginning of the game. It will     give you an ability to identify items on place and decided immediately what is worth taking       and what is not.
Advice: The skill absolutely not needed: Identify Monster. It is practically useles for the Druid as his maximum level is only Expert and on that level, this skill doesn't give any really useful information.
Magic skills:

The same way as in Might and Magic VI, the Druid knows all the Magical schools except the schools of Light and Dark magic, though regretfully the maximum achievable level is only Master.
Which schools to learn first of all:

Fire, Air, Water and Body magic.
These will give the Druid the most important and useful spells needed every day, such as: Torch Light, Wizard Eye and Heal.
But it doesn't mean that you should forget about other available magical schools. Learn them too as soon you will have a opportunity, and promote all magic schools to the maximum Master level.
Combat skills:

There is a choice for you here (the same as in MM VI), regarding the second offensive weapon (dagger/shield). Will you take the shield in the left hand or the dagger - it is for you to decide. Personally, I have always preferred to have some extra hitting opportunity with the dagger, especially as the Druid can reach Master dagger level. In this case, do not learn shield whatsoever, as it will be useless and just a waste of skill points. In the right hand you'll have the usual offensive weapon of the Druid - the mace. Unfortunately, in MM VII, the Druid can learn the mace only till the Expert level.
One more trouble: In the absolutely necessary skill of bow, the Druid is only on the basic level, and in his only one leather armor he can only be Expert and no more. But do not be too upset, it isn't the end of the world, and your Druid is a tough guy/girl, and willl show them all!
Below there is a huge collection of short advises and warnings about passing certain locations and creatures. Actually, nearly all places of the game worth mentioning are here. The order isn't particulary chronological as each player is moving through the game in his/her unique way, though some logic still exists as you can't possibly pass the final battle of the game right after Harmondale, right?
And one more thing. I absolutely consciously tried to avoid any direct spoilers here in order not to cheat you of the thrill and excitement.
So here we go!
In the first part there are the following locations:

Advice: Remember to make your own maps with the notes who and where lives on them (NPC - non-playing-characters of the game, but involved in the plot). Your own comments are the best co-pilot you'll ever get in the game. Maps and information from the websites will never be the same even if they are the best quality, as your notes will be the best way to memorize and understand the game locations.


Do not be upset with their numbers. Just methodically kill them group-by-group. No rush here. You are a home and not in a particularly hurry anywhere. So, attack small groups of these green, smelly creatures by shooting with arrows from afar and moving slowly back away from them (it is possible to do this in MM VII).
White Cliff Caves

In no circumstances, do NOT inolve in the fight with the Ooze. You'll be able to find and collect whatever you need without fighting. What you need is simply to run, find chests, open them and collect the contents. Let the Troglodytes battle as much as they want with the Oozes, it isn't your fight, don't interrupt their fun.
Harmondale Territory

Check carefully everywhere. You'll find extra resources.

Bandit Caves

You'll kill easily everyone inside. There is not that much enemies there. On the contrary, be careful outside the caves and use the same tactics as against the Goblins in Harmondale.

Extremely interwined and confusing. A lot of passages. Be attentive. Look for the levers in order to get to the places you want and must check out.


Actually, it isn't necessary to kill them all, only if you want to have extra experience. In this case, kill them, but be careful, don't let them come too close to you, for otherwise you're dead. Use Fly and combat spells/bow and they will be dead pretty soon.
Mercenary Guild

Remember that the guard is extremely powerful, and consists of the Masters of the Sword. Their name speaks for itself. They have huge amounts of hit points and they are twice as fast as you. Be very attentive and careful with them.
Save, save and save again the game. The Slow spell you must cast on them at the first seconds of the fight and the Haste spell you must cast on yourself even before you will begin the fight, as well as every other beneficiary and protective spell you can think of.
Lord Markham's Manor

Well, you can kill everyone in his manor while he is sitting behind the closed doors. That will give you extra experience. Don't lose your sleep because of this, they are the bad guys and would attack you anyway.
If you don't want to fight there, use Invisibility to take a Vase. Be careful as there is an extremely powerful booby trap, triggered to the Vase. You have to have enough defenses and hit points to survive it.
Wine Cellar

Don't even think of entering there at the beginning of the game. The Queen of the Dead hates to be disturbed by any visitors. She is protecting a lot of rare wines there, and your life could be counted in seconds if you would go in without being really strong. You must have a lot of magical and life strength to withstand the attack of this pretty lady. Don't hurry; there will be time for sampling these wines later in the game.
Tidewater Caverns (The specific location of the object)

The map of the Evernmorn Island is hidden in the chest inside the ship hold. As soon as you would go down from the deck to the hold, check the opposite wall to the left and click on it - the secret door will open to the right. It will be the entrance to the underground chambers under the ship.
Search all the ship too; there are several other hidden chests in it.
Quest for Paintings

Don't take it, it is only trouble and no gain.
Tatalia territory

Check out everything. There are many, very useful things.
Evernmorn Island

Obsidian Gargoyles

Be careful with them. They are notorious for their paralyzing effect.

Attention here. The Monks could be not tough on the first sight, but actually they are serious opponents.
You can clear both the Temples of the Sun and the Moon side, that way nobody would be offended as they all will be dead.