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First Steps
Choosing the party
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The fundamental principle behind choosing your party prior to entering the game is to equip your main Hero with the most important skills (apart from two obligatory ones) and select the most expensive, by the way of their enclosed inventory, skills for his short living companions.
If you play solo MM VII with the Might Hero, my recommendation is to choose the Knight.
The Knight is the only hero who is pure might.
If you play solo MM VII with the Magic Hero, my recommendation is to choose Druid.
Druid is very capable spell caster and reach the Master level in all Magic Schools. The only schools he can't learn are the Dark and the Light ones.

There are differences between Enroth Druid (MM VI) and Antagarich Druid (MM VII). In MM VI Druid learns the highest (Master) level in all available for him magic schools. In MM VII he does the same, BUT Master level is not the highest, only the second best after Grand Master level.
The second bad news is that in MM VII Druid can learn Mace, his primary offensive weapon in hand-to-hand combat, only till Expert level.
Skills for Druid to pick up when choosing the party
The basic skills for Druid are: Dagger and Earth Magic (the Earth magic spell book is enclosed).
Pick two more:  Leather (it is the only armor Druid can have) and Learning (increase received experience of the hero).

ATTENTION: Don't forget to learn Bow skill immediately after arriving on the Emerald Island (cost 500 gold).
Three other characters
1. Knight (has Sword and Leather; add Shield and Chain)
2. Knight (the same)
3. Archer (has Bow and Air magic; add Fire magic and Sword)
Such combination will give you a lot of money when you'll sell all extra equipment. As an extra bonus you have two magical books from the Archer. Those you can either sell or use for your main Hero Druid equipping.
After you selected all the characters and the skills for them, don't forget to collect all extra (free) skill points from all three characters except Druid in the pool. There will be 86 points altogether. Transfer all these points to your main Hero and raise all his/her statistics till the maximum level.
Your main Hero Druid will have the following statistics:
~ might                  30
~ intellect               15
~ personality          15
~ endurance           25
~ accuracy             25
~ speed                  30
~ luck                    20
All unused skill points just drop into any of other extra characters window.
After this you can enter the game.
So, you are inside and find yourself on the island. The Emerald Island.
From there you'll begin your adventures, but first of all you must win the contest if you want to leave island and see the continent of Antagarich.
The idea of this contest belongs to Lord Markham. The contest itself is a piece of cake and can be passed in five days without any haste. 
The Emerald Island
ADVICE: From the first steps in the game acquire the most useful habit of drawing your own maps with your own notes on them. They will help you immensely in the game. It's the best way to remember locations. Maps of other people could be useful but never in such scale as your own.
Disposing of three extra characters
If you are firm in your intention to play the solo game, then it's the time for them to be sacrificed immediately by drowning. Simply go to water (it's plenty of it around the island, as you can guess) and force your party to walk into the water. Granted, they will not like it, but that is the point. Don't forget to revive your main Hero Druid from time to time by drinking from the fountain to the right side from the Temple. It restores 5 hit points per turn. Repeat the procedure of drowning all and reviving only the main hero until the three others will finally get the idea and gladly accept their deaths. From this point on they will be your three huge luggages. Now you're really alone and the game begins.
ByTheWay: The Healing Tent on the Emerald Island is very cheap, as the priests understand that it is only the beginning of the game and you don't have that much money. There are two fountains free for use on the left and the right from the Tent (outside it). The right fountain restores spent hit points +5; the left fountain restores the spent spell points +5 per turn.
There are two chests on the island that require your immediate attention. First one is on the left from the pier along the shoreline. There you'll find a bow and money.
The second chest is on the right from the pier along the shoreline too but further behind the Dragon cave. As soon as you reach the chest, push at once the button "enter" on your keyboard that activates combat mode, and open the chest, quickly grab all that is lying inside, switch off the combat mode and run as fast as you can from there. The reason for such precautions is the swarm of Dragon Flies who live not far from the chest.
Dragon Flies
These Dragon Flies got in their silly little heads that they are supposed to protect all the chests that are behind the village on the left side of the Emerald Island.
There are three ways to fix this problem.
1. Kill them yourself, but not all at once. You are the novice here on the island, so be careful, don't rush things. Kill these overgrown insects in groups. Make a lot of breaks for restoring your health in the Healing Tent fountain (the one that restores +5 hit points).
2. Kill them with other hands. It could be the hands of the City Watch that patrols the village (or is it supposed to be called Village Watch then?).  Just lure the Dragon Flies with yourself as a bait closer to the village and the City watch will be dutifully killing them in no time.
3. You can provide some entertaining to your fellow adventurers by dragging Dragon Flies behind you to the strong group of them (there is one camping on the hill behind the Temple).
Mr. Malwick Issue
There is a man by the name Mr. Malwick in the village on the Emerald Island. He is the dubious character. He will approach you with the offer to take a wand in exchange of a favor he would ask you about later in the game.
My advice, better not to have any deals with Mr. Malwick. The only thing you'll get will be troubles.
Nevertheless, the wand is a good and useful thing, so it's advisable to expropriate it from Mr. Malwick. It is possible to achieve by several ways.
1. You can lead Dragon Flies to him and they'll kill the man. Wait for this and then pick up the wand from the body.
2. You can push him to the Dragon Flies by shouting at him (press the button "Y" on your keyboard). Result will be the same - Dragon Flies will do the job, you'll have the wand.
3. If you prefer to make your killings yourself, then again by yelling at Mr. Malwick drive him downhill to the sea shore and kill him at your leisure there. But be careful! Nobody should see your evil doing, especially the City Watch that has the peculiar ideas about protection all the inhabitants. 
Your trophy will be the Fireball wand, which will be quite handy in your future battles with Goblins in Harmondale.
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