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Might Hero - Knight
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How to survive without natural magical abilities (Continued)
5. NPC switching

When you'll be back to Harmondale to clear out your estate from the occupying Goblin forces, first of all check out all the territory with the help of the NPC Wind Master. After this, dismiss him/her.
Hire a new NPC by the name of Cartographer, who knows the Wizard Eye spell. That way, you can go into battle and know exactly where your opponents are.
When you'll need the Fly Spell again, dismiss the NPC Cartographer and hire the NPC Wind
Master. You can always find one of those willing to work for you, and it's easy to switch between them or any other NPC you could need.
The only untouchable NPC is the Expert Healer!
6. Wands

You don't know magic, but you can use magical wands. Buy them as much as you can, only choose the best.
The most useful and effective wands are with the following offensive combat spells:
~ Toxic Cloud
~ Implosion
~ Incinerate
~ Skrinking Ray
~ Rock Blast
~ Ice Blast
~ Sparks
~ Lightning
~ Flying Fist
7. Spell Scrolls

The most important "not combat" spell scrolls you must look for in all the shops are:

~ Invisibility
~ Town Portal
~ Lloyd's Beacon
If you will come up on a scroll with the spell Summon Elemental, and have extra cash - buy it. It is very useful in the battle if you need to distract your enemy from your precious person.
Keep an eye for the spell scrolls of Day of Protection and Day of the Gods.
In case you wil not have for some reason an item(s), which will pretect you from the following:
~ Poison
~ Disease
~ Stone
~ Paralyze
~ Weakness
~ Sleep
Then have a scroll of Protection from Magic in your luggage just in case.
A very effective spell scroll in a fight is Pain Reflection. It gives your opponent the same amount of damage he/she/it inflicts on you.
8. Shrines

Be sure to find the shrines in the Tularean Forest, and Deyja Moor as soon as possible. They will give you +10 of all Magical Resistances permanently!
Fightning creatures - combat tactics

Trolls in Tatalia
Do not fight with them at the beginning of the game!
Wait until you will be really strong and experienced. Always engage only one, maximum two Trolls per once. Lure a Troll out of the group, and kill, then proceed with the next one.

Do not come close to them when they are about to die, as they are creatures of fire, and explode in the moment of death (and so do Golems). Better to shoot  arrows at them.
Behemoths in the tunnels to Eeofol

Try to draw only one Behemoth off per turn. Not much needed to lure him out - just show yourself and he'll be mad already. Then it will be time to run from him - he will run after you. When you will be at a safe distance from his relatives, and they will definetly not come to help him, turn around and fight.
In the narrow passages where these huge monsters become stuck, you'll have no choice but to come to them as they would not be able to go after you, even if they yearn it with all their Behemoth heart.
Close hand-to-hand fights

This is your main battle strategy in nearly all situations. Exceptions are rare, among them could be mentioned: Behemoths, Minotaur Lords.