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Might Hero - Knight
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The advises of the old veteran  how to pass Might and Magic VII with one Might Hero - the Knight.
The very first steps for the Knight Hero

What skills to choose when selecting the Hero
The basic skills are:
Sword and Leather.
Add two more:
Body Building and Disarm Trap
The extra characters will be Knights as well, but give them the expensive (by the enclosed inventory) skills, such as:
Shield and Chain.
Emerald Island

Well, do the same as the magic hero.
Just one thing, when you'll be in the Temple of the Moon, you'll find scrolls with Torch Light and Wizard Eye spells. Don't be in a hurry to use them, however tempting it would be. The opponents on the Emerald Island are easy, further they'll become tougher and you'll need these spells for later.
When you will arrive in Harmondale, proceed according to the scroll with "First Steps", till the moment when you'll come to Bracada Desert.
Bracada Desert

Collect ore, the same way as it is described in the scroll, you'll need it too, though not exactly for the same reasons.
In the Bracada Desert be sure to find and hire an NPC (non-playing-character, i.e. one of the unemployed guys/girls wandering around), whose's speciality would be Fly. The name is Wind Master. He/she will give you 2 hours of Flight every day for a fee, of course, but it is a small price for a Knight without magic.
When this is done, go to Erathia, and from there on to Tatalia.

There is a Troll dwelling on the swamps behind the house of Lord Markham. They have a gorgeous plate armour, exactly for you. You must take it. But not by direct affront. Use your newly hired NPC with the Fly ability, and fly above the Trolls, spot the armor, come closer to it, switch the battle mode, land, grab the trophy, become airborne and depart. (Just like a Harpy Hag!)
Voila! The plate is yours!

After this, return to Erathia and learn the Plate Skill. The Skill of Axe you can learn as well.
But in no circumstances, never learn Shield! The Shield is for the left hand, but the Knight can reach such heights in sword playing that he/she can hold two swords in both hands. Therefore, the shield becomes absolutely useless.
As you have seen in the Druid guide, there are many Master Makers in Erathia. You do not need the Armor Maker as you already got yourself some nice Plate Armor, but the Item Maker is a "Must Visit" stop now. She can do things from your ore.
Don't forget to save before entering her shop, and terrorize her until she would do the best she can and produce the magical items (rings, helmets, amulets, etc.). What you need most of all is the item, protecting from Stone and Paralyze, Sleep.
The rest of the items (unnecessary) - sell. About 10,000 gold will join other coins (if any) in your purse.
You have a  sword but you need a good sword as well! Buy it at the earliest opportunity.
Tularean Forest

There you will find a good axe. Use your NPC Wind Master with the Fly ability again to gain the good axe. Be attentive and check everything in the Tularean Lands.
What to learn and what to buy and where

Combat Skills
Check out your Skill Points. Distribute them among the most vital battle skills that you need for survival at this moment. Make yourself Expert in Bow, Plate, and Sword.
You can learn these skills and become an Expert in them by learning from the masters in Erathia and Tatalia.
Miscellaneous Skills

First of all, you will need to learn and improve the Skills most needed in battle:

~ Body Building - will increase your number of Hit Points

~ Arms Master - will increase the amount of damage you will inflict upon an enemy

~ Repair Item - will enable to repair broken armor, weapons and items directly on the            battlefield.
Expert Merchant Skill

Is very useful, as without magical abilities, you'll have to buy all magical items or ingredients necessary for magic casting. And all of those things are quite expensive. The knowledge of the merchant skill at the Expert level will lower your expenses.
Master level Skills

The first skills that you should be master in are:

~ Sword (your primary offensive weapon)

~ Body Building (Your life strength - the Hit Points)
Item Shopping

Remember, that when shopping, you will need to purchase first of all the items that will increase your major combat statistics, such as Speed and Accuracy.
Wand Shopping
The best wands are in:

~ Bracada
~ Celeste
~ Deyja
How to survive without natural magical abilities

That is the main problem of any Knight walking the grounds of Might and Magic VII. Below are some simple methods to ease the lack of magic.
1. Torch Light and Wizard Eye spell scrolls

These are the two most basic and most needed spells in any battle. Therefore, buy them at any opportunity everywhere. More often you can find them in:

~ Harmondale
~ Erathia
~ Stone City
2. Enchanting your equipment

As there is no natural magic to protect or benefice you, use other ways. One of it is to enchant your equipment that it would have the lacking magical abilities. You can enchant armor, weapon, or miscellaneous item, but of course, not yourself, but with the help. Always ask for a
Enchant Item potion in the Alchemists' Shops
and have it stored in your luggage.
3. Water Walking

Sometimes it is absolutely necessary or at least extremely advisable. Therefore, always look for
a Water Breathing
potion in the Alchemists' Shops. Have 2-3 bottles of it in your luggage just in case at any time.
4. Healing

Always, every moment of the whole journey through Might and Magic VII you must have with yourself the NPC Expert Healer. In no circumstances, he/she should never ever leave your side even for a minute!