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Using wells in connection with the spells Lloyd's Beacon, Town Portal and Fly
When you'll have the spell "Lloyd's Beacon"

Be sure to put two beacons in the next locations:

1. Castle Stone - near the fountain, that raise + 10 hero's level till next night sleep.
2. Kriegspire - near the well, that raise + 30 hero's level till next night sleep (it's near the training grounds)

Better visit both these wells before each battle. By this simple move you'll raise the level of your hero + 40 to the real one he has at the moment! And all other statistics will be raised automatically as well (hit points, spell points, attack, defense, etc.)

Also put as soon as possible the beacon in Sweet Water.
First fly there by the spell "Fly", then find the fountain that raises all your statistics + 50 till next night sleep.
You could use the following combination of beacons when you have the spell "Fly"and "Town Portal"

1. Town Portal in White Cap, where you visit four (!) useful fountains for one round:

~ the fountain near the Castle Stromgard will give you + 30 might
~ two fountains which are located to the south from the Icewind Keep, that will give you
+ 20 speed, accuracy and + 20 armour
~ fly over the hill to Castle Stone, to the fountain that raises + 10 hero's level

2. Lloyd's Beacon in Kriegspire, where you visit two useful wells:

~ the first one between the tavern and the training place will give you + 30 hero's level
~ the second fountain near the Castle Kriegspire (use "Fly"), that will give you + 40 armour

3. Lloyd's Beacon in Sweet Water, only one fountain but it raises + 50 all statistics

4. Town Portal in Blackshire, where you can use the well that gives you + 50 luck

5. Lloyd's Beacon in Eel Infested Waters, where you can use two fountains (use "Fly"):

~ the first one will give you + 20 magical resistance
~ the second one will give you + 20 elemental resistance

What will you get in the result of this Well/Fountain Tour:

+ 50 all statistics
+ 40 level
+ 30 might
+ 20 speed
+ 20 accuracy
+ 60 armour
+ 50 luck
+ 20 magical and elemental resistances

Not bad, isn't it? Unfortunately, it only lasts till your next night sleep, but nevertheless, it is extremely useful combination. The Author always used this combination eagerly and with great pleasure, and considers it as very successful. Of course, it could be used only by the magical hero. Might heroes can't use it.
Remember, that not all wells/fountains are good for you! Beware of those which kill, poison or stone your hero.
The complete list of all fountains and wells in Might and Magic VI you can find in the Reference Section.
Several additional tips (in no particular order, just some advises, information and suggestions)
In Bootleg's Bay don't try to open the door to Fire Lord is the one to the left from entrance. It's closed forever and couldn't be opened. Well, I have heard that this was fixed in the patches, but if you didn't upgrade the game, the door will be always closed. Actually, I don't think that it is a big loss. I played with it closed and and didn't suffer from it.
Write down the dates
...when will be the promotion days for Druid (to Arch Druid and Greater Druid). You can learn about them at Lady Loretta Feice place. These dates are important, as the promotions could be done only on the certain days and in certain places.
The black potion bottle
...remember, that it could be used only once per statistic!
...don't forget to visit him.
...try to visit them in those months which will be indicated by the Arbiter.
The complete list of all shrines you can find in the Reference Section.
Prince Nicolai
...don't take him from the Castle Ironfist with you. There is no need to do this. The only thing you'd get will be trouble. You'd have to search for him in the circuses, then to catch him, and on top of this you'll be proclaimed as a kidnapper. Do you need this?
Good stores for buying magical items
...helmets, wands, etc. are in those towns:
~ Free Haven
~ Blackshire
~ White Cap
~ Eel Infested Waters
~ Paradise Valley
Good stores for buying magical items
...helmets, wands, etc. are in those towns:
~ Free Haven
~ Blackshire
~ White Cap
~ Eel Infested Waters
~ Paradise Valley
Locations that isn't necessary to visit
...Agar's Labaratory in Kriegspire
Actually, it isn't much to do there. There are no quests connected with the place. So, if you actually haven't the urgent need to raise your experience, you could safely skip the place.
Locations that are not connected to the quests but nevertheless must be visited for certain
...Caves of the Dragon Riders in Kriegspire
But only after you'd feel that your hero is strong, really strong (definitely not earlier than the 50th level). There are very strong habitants in the caves.
Ritual of the Sun
...can be fulfilled on the following days:
20th of March
21st of June
23rd of September
21st of December
Ritual of the Moon
...can be fulfilled at any full moon night in midnight exactly.
Circus Schedule
April - Blackshire
August - Mire of the Damned (Darkmoor)
December - Bootleg's Bay
Markets for the rare items
...practically all the rare items merchants are located in Free Haven. Only the Cobra eggs for 300 gold per piece are to be sold to Hejaz from New Sorpigal.
The other items can be sold to:
Dealer's name:
Davis Carp
Bonnie Rotterdam
Geoff Southy
Nick Fenster
Dillan Robinson
Sy Roth
Ion Miller
Renee Blackburn
Lawrence Aleman
harpy's feathers
4-leaf clovers
kegs of wine
golden pyramids
Price per unit:
Teeth: actually, the Author has never seen by his own eyes those teeth, but heard that others were more successful.

Might and Magic VI