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- Caves of the Dragon Riders, in Kriegspire. Remember about that you do not have magic. Before entering into the Caves, kill everybody around the entrance. This will let you to sleep in peace, after that you would be very wounded in these Caves.

- In the Caves, be very careful, because you cannot use magic, and neither use the wands which you will need later in the game, try so that 1, max. 2 Cuisinarts would fight with you at the same time.

- About the Wyrms, it is more difficult here. Not all of them will leave their caverns, and that's why you should use this tactic:
Enter a bit in the cavern, and run away quickly out from it. This way, you will separate the Wyrms. After this, come back, and from the left or right side of the cavern (you choose what is best in your situation), near the wall, fight with them by running very close to them. First, kill all the Red and the Blue Wyrms. Leave the Green Wyrms for the last.
What skills are necessary to learn for the Knight
To what you must pay attention when shopping
How to survive without magic
Several advices how to fight when playing solo with the Knight
First of all - never play your first solo game with the Knight or any other might hero for this matter. Always try first with the magical hero. Playing the game with the single might hero is much more difficult than playing with the magic hero.
When you play Might and Magic VI solo with the Knight, you should always remember that the hero will never learn any magic whatsoever. None and never. Period.
On the first stages of the game, until your Knight will become a truly powerful warrior, he will be very slow in recovering his strength in battles (even slower than the Druid on the same level of experience). Don't be hysterical about this. Give the poor guy a break! Be patient. Later the Knight hero will show you all his advantages.
First steps in the game for the Knight are the same as for the Druid. Just follow the instructions in the section "FIRST STEPS".

However, there are some differences in the skills between the Druid and the Knight.
What skills must be learned by the Knight
Weapons and Armor
- Sword
- On no account, never learn shield! You don't need it! The Knight can be a Master in Sword. That means that he can hold two swords in both hands, raising his attack strength tremendously by this.
- On no account learn any other armor except plate. Learn only plate - it is the best available armor. You do not need leather, or chain armor.
Plate can be learnt in Ironfist. Good plate can be bought in the shop in Blackshire. Very good plate is in the Caves of the Dragon Riders, or in the chests in the same Blackshire.
Miscelanneous Skills
- Body Building - for raising hit points. You must learn it first of all! Here is your chance to survive! Even better to equip the Knight with this skill before even going inside the game when you've chosen your party. Otherwise you can learn it either in Mist, or Free Haven.

- Repair Item. When playing solo with the Knight you can't permit yourself the luxury of returning back to town by Town Portal spell, where you can have the complete repair service done in a store. You'll have to repair everything by yourself on the battlefield.
When buying items what you must look for
When you'll be shopping choose those items that will advance the following Knight's skills and help him in battle:

- Speed - your hero will have a faster recovery rate in battle
- Luck - less damage to your hero from magical attacks of the enemies
- Accuracy - hero's blows more often hit an enemy
- Armor Class - hero's defense will be better
- Recovery - enable your hero to recover much faster after he has attacked
How to survive without magic
- Have it as a rule. Write down a big poster and hang it on the wall on front of your computer:
"I must buy Torch Light at every opportunity as often as possible and at every shop!"

- At the beginning of the game, you'll have to buy also the spell scrolls of Wizard Eye. Later you'll be able to fix this problem by hiring a Cartographer NPC who will work instead of the spell scrolls.

- Healing problem - settle it by hiring the Healer NPC, and find an Expert, not the simple one.

- Don't forget to buy bottles with magical potions in the stores, especially those that restore your hit points.

- Have some extra cash - spend it for the magical wands! Your Knight might have no magic whatsoever but he is quite capable to use a magic wand as any sorcerer!
First of all choose the most powerful wands with these enchantments:
Implosion, Lightning Bolt, Sparks, Incinerate, Fireball, Mass Distortion.
Several advises on how to fight
- With a huge quantity of enemies always try to put your hero back to a corner or at least a wall. Never permit to be circled from all directions. Only one, maximum two enemies must attack the Knight at any time, others have to wait for their turn!

- When fighting against an enemy who uses magic, refuse him/her the opportunity.
Force the enemy to fight hand-to-hand. Come directly to the enemy and press him with the physical might.
Might Path
Your hero for the Might Path in solo playing is Knight
Well, first of all this path is many times harder than the magical one. The Author recommends to try your strength in solo with the Druid character wielding magic, and only after this plunge yourself in the pure fist fights with the Knight.
Beware, that the Knight doesn't know magic whatsoever. He is a fighting guy, all this magic is too high subjects for him. He is so far from magic that even the simplest Wizard Eye and Torch Light are above him. Forget about Fly, Lloyd's Beacon, Town Portal! That is high math for him for sure!
However, with such a great disadvantage the Knight is a superb hand-to-hand fighter. Any kind of weapon is in his grasp. In the frontal battle he is the hero!
Skills for the Knight
Initially the Knight has the following skills which can't be changed:
- Leather
- Sword
Apart from those you can choose two more when selecting your party.
The Author recommends to have:
- Body Building
- Learning
Body Building: This skill is vital for the Knight, that is his ticket to survival. Remember, he hasn't any magic, he can count only on the strength of his blow, on his might. Therefore, he must have as much hit points as it is possible. Body Building is exactly what boosts hit points. Grow the muscles of your Knight and as fast as you can!

Learning: One of the most important skills in the game, it enables you to have more experience points. More experience - the higher the level of your hero. It is easy like two and two. The best way to learn Learning is to do this BEFORE you enter the game itself.
Other members of the party
You have to select three more heroes to come inside the game. Such are the rules. As you intend to play solo with only one Knight, the chief criteria for selecting others will be the cost of their equipment. The dearer - the better.
Some items will be given for using to the Knight (weapons, for instance), all other - for sale (remember, sell anything only after you will learn the Merchant skill!). Money is always a shortage in Might and Magic, the same way as in the real life... Some things never change...
The exact amount of money gained from all selling varies from game to game as the equipment of the characters slightly changes with each loading of the game.
However, one can safely presume that 2000 gold will be yours, and these coins are necessary as the air itself to your Knight for training, learning and shopping...
Proceeding from the above, the Author recommends to choose the other three characters in the party as the Knights as well, i.e. apart from your main hero the Knight you'll have three more additional suicidal fellow Knights. Select for them the most expensive equipment you can think of - that is chain, shield and such stuff.

Well, that isn't it. You must clear the Skill Points distribution stage first.
Skill Points distribution
That's easy. You're interested only in one hero - the mighty Knight. All others are just an addition, so relieve them of all their points by minimizing the attributes (speed, personality, etc.) levels until they'll glow with a red color.
Altogether you must get 92 free points. Give them all to the Knight and boost his attributes to the maximum level.
Go ahead! Adventures are waiting for you!
- Remember that your main goal is to become as fast as you can the Master on the skill of Repair Item.

- Never, under any circumstances, dismiss your Expert Healer. And try to use him/her in the last moment of battle.

- Always look in the shops for the Black Potions, which restore back to you a hundred Hit Points.
- Depending on the territory on which you will fight, sometimes it is useful to hire a Wind Master. Such territories like:
Hermit's Isle
Bootleg's Bay
- Minotaur Lords. Without magic, it is a big problem. Do not let them to get close to yourself. Do not spare the magical Wands for them. This will be your biggest problem in the Castle Kriegspire.

- Castle Kriegspire. Be careful inside. Do not enter the four round halls. You'd die.
- Supreme Temple Of Baa, in Kriegspire. The only opportunity for you to survive in here is only moving fast. Because, everybody inside the Temple will shoot at you with magic. Before you will go there, you must become a Master in Perception. Otherwise, you will not open the doors inside. When you will run very close to the followers of the Baa Cult, kill them. Then run to the next one. Used your Expert Healer, and quickly back outside. Sleep it over. Have with yourself the scrolls of Jump.
- Silver Helm Outposts. In any of these you will meet the Master Swordsmen, which will (not depending of your speed) always faster than you in almost two times. Be careful with them. They will always attack you in masses.
The next, which have a lesser speed, but who are far more powerful, are the Captains and the
. These fellows have an awful tendence to break through your armor. And they are not very bad in a hand-to-hand fight.
- Castle Darmoor. When you will get to the last hall, where you will need to get something, do not (in any circumstances) fight with these hordes of Liches and Evil Eyes. Just run, and take what you need.
Have for this Castle a good number of Wands, for that you could kill the Evil Eyes, and their minions. Just the Wands will help you against them.

- Temple of the Moon. Have with yourself (important!) the items which will protect you from the Stoning effect, because it's worshippers love to turn the lone adventurers into statues.
You will need the same items in the Temple of the Snake.

- Against Dragons, fight against them only while airborne, using the Wands, luring one or two away from the big group.
- The Hive (The Home of Kreegans). When you will go to them, have with yourself about ten scrolls of Feather Fall. They will be very necessary to you.