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Where and What you must buy and what your hero must learn after you've finished the Money Quest:
ADVICE: always save the game in front of the store door before going shopping inside. Should you don't find in the store what you need - reload and try again. With each reload the list of goods on display will be different.
Free Haven

- First of all! Advance your merchant skill to the expert level in order to make better bargains and only after this do your shopping!
- Feed all the horseshoes to your hero and boost his/her skill points by this. (Just take a horseshoe and with it click with your right mouse button on the hero's face). Each horseshoe gives +2 skill points.

From here you will have to distribute all the Skill Points gained by your hero on your own - as you might think best. Every player plays his/her own way, and I cannot give any advices here now.
- For your Druid - buy a helmet, not very expensive, medium cost, approximately +10 defense; gloves (approx. +8 defense) and some medium boots as well.
- Be sure to learn the extremely important skill of Body Building in the Duelist's Edge guild. It will raise the hit points for your hero.
White Cap

- Buy the best bow (Bow Attack +8, or a crossbow with Attack +7, better if it is with a special ability, for example +5-10 Electrical Damage or similar)
- Buy good leather armor and a good shield
Kriegspire (walk on foot there from Blackshire)

- Buy the best mace available (Attack +8 or higher. And it's good with a special ability)
New Sorpigal

- Find the Elemental Guild and teach your Druid hero the magic he/she doesn't know yet (the Earth Magic is his/her natural ability), that are: Air, Water and Fire
- Train the hero at the training ground to the maximal possible level
- Be sure to become Expert in Body Building and Meditation. It's advisable to become and Expert in Learning as well.
Please, pay attention that though the Druid has had all the magical books from the beginning, he/she couldn't use them until he/she did not pass the course of learning in the corresponded magical guilds. However, the presence of the books permitted you save a lot of money as you didn't need to buy them in shops, which is quite expensive.
- Learn the following skills in the Buccaneer's Lair:
Perception (your hero will be able to find a lot more in the chests than without this skill) and
Identify Item
(your hero will be able to identify objects on the place and you would decide immediately is it worth taking or not, you have only three luggages, after all....not a hundred)
- Hire two NPC. You need a Healer and an Instructor. The usefullness of the Healer is obvious. The Instructor is necessary for you as he/she will raise your experience you'd get from fighting battles or fulfilling quests.
Remember that you can hire or fire any of the NPC at any moment. The world of Might and Magic doesn't know trade union concept yet.
This is the end of your hero's preparation. It will secure you from too often meeting with the Death in the rocking boat, who welcomes the souls of the unsuccessful adventurers.
Further on you can play on your own. Remember, that every player has his/her own style and way of doing things.
However, if you have no previous experience in playing Might and Magic VI, you could find useful the next section. It is about what you can do next in the game. Don't be afraid, there are only advices and hints. No spoilers at all!
What can you do and whom you can kill on the first stage of the game:

The locations are given in the order of the optimal passing.

New Sorpigal
Castle Ironfist
Bootleg's Bay

- Goblinwatch
Quest is in the Town Hall
Be sure not to throw away the scroll with the combination! You must save it for returning to the Town Hall!
Well, be careful with all the papers, scrolls, notes, diaries,'ll get in the process of the game. Not everything is rubbish! And you'll never know what you'd need later.
- Abandoned Temple of Baa
Be sure to check out the whole Temple and dungeons as well. Look at every passage. There is a lot of interesting there!

- Countryside around the town
Check all the countryside. Kill everyone you'll find (the bad guys, of course, civilians are peaceful). Be sure to check absolutely all the chests - all must be opened and examined.
ADVICE: Don't try to get to the islands at the beginning of your activities. It isn't the time yet...

Immediately at the beginning you can easily do the following:
- Shadow Guild Hideout
Quest is in New Sorpigal.
Don't try to kill everyone on spot and right away. Your enemies will be Rogues and Brigands (and a whole lot of lesser ones!). They all have one very nasty habit - fast recovering rate after their attacks. This means that you'll be able to hit them only once, while they'll hit you twice in the same time.
You can use the following tactics. Kill how much you can safely kill. Go outside. Spend a night in the tavern and recover. Come back and kill the next group. Repeat till the final victory.
ADVICE: Donate some money (not much, though, no need to spoil them) to the Temple of Ironfist. You'll get good blessings from them for this (you'll hear about this). The actual effect will be shown on the statistics of your hero. But! Your reputation must be good to recieve blessings. If you were very bad you'd get nothing for your troubles.

The tactics for killing enemies in bite-sizes with recovering between bites is extremely useful and safe, and well-tried way to do battles, that can be used in many locations.
- Countryside around the town
The usual - check everything, kill all enemies.

- Spend some time on the Portal Reactivation request
What for? First of all, there are a lot of good things on the islands, and the second is that you'll be able to learn a lot of experience by methodically eliminating all these bloodthirsty female assasins and the nasty old followers of Baa.
Don't go to the Silver Hem at the beginning of the game!

- Cannibals
Do the cleaning job - kill all the man-eaters. Kill them all that the normal people would be able to walk on the roads without any fear!
Don't forget to pick up those bones that were left by cannibals after so many dinners and suppers. You'll be suprised but there's a market on them! Yes, some crazy collectors are actually willing to pay money for the bones. Some things never change, either it's real or virtual world. So, you can sell them with good profit in Free Haven.
- Temple of Tsantsa

It is on the islands on the east from Bootleg's Bay. There are ships going there from Mist and Castle Ironfist. You could also do water walking as well right from the village, just use the spell Water Walk. Well, you could also fly there, just use a spell scroll Fly or cast a spell by yourself. At this time this Temple is quite accessible to you. The only advice - store some bottles with the antidote (purple bottles with Cure Poison), they will be needed.
You can find the complete SHIP SCHEDULE in the reference section.
What to learn first of all

Do not forget to train your hero. Accumulate Skill Points and money and teach him/her. Teach everything that is needed. Advance in everything he/she already knows.
The skills that must be learnt first of all and advanced as soon as possible (to Expert and Master level).
Please, pay attention that THIS LIST OF SKILLS IS FOR THE MAGICAL HERO (DRUID). The specifics of the Knight (Might) hero are given in the special section "MIGHT HERO"
Miscellaneous Skills

- Body Building (boosing hit points)
- Meditation      (boosting spell points)
- Learning         (boosting experience)
- Merchant        (better bargaining while shopping)
Might Skills

- Mace
- Leather
- Shield
Here you must decide what is more important for you. You could learn Dagger to Master level. That way the Druid can have a Dagger and a Mace in both hands and make more damage to enemies. But, there is a price for it - the Druid would not be able to use the shield in this case, and that will low his/her Armor Class.
That is for you to decide what is better.
Magic Skills with the most important spells of each school:

- Water Magic:
Lloyd's Beacon, Town Portal, Ice Bolt

- Air Magic:
Fly, Implosion, Lightning, Sparks, and the Wizard Eye!
Don't underestimate the spell Sparks. They could be extremely useful in battles, if you'd use them correctly and in proper places, of course!
- Earth Magic:
Stone Skin, and other defensive spells. Mass Distortion, Rock Blast, Death Blossom, Blades

- Fire Magic:
Incinerate, Meteor Shower, Fireball, Haste, and the Torch Light!
What quests must be finished first of all

These quests are the optimal for fulfillment at the very beginning of the game because of the two reasons:

1. Safe for doing them, that is your hero is quite capable to finish them without problems.
2. Enable you to learn quickly a lot of experience
In order of their optimal passing here are these three quests:

1. Money Quest (fix the prices in all 9 stables) - ask Lady Loretta Fleice in Silver Cove.
2. Cavalier Quest (to become a Cavalier) - ask Lord Osric Temper from Castle Temper in Free Haven.
3. Wizard Quest (to become a Wizard) - ask Lord Albert Newton from Castle Newton in Mist.
If you've lost incidentally any item essential for fulfilling a Quest (so-called quest item), don't be upset - just visit the Arbiter in Ironfist and click on the sign "I Lost It!". That's all - your problem will be solved.
Further on - play by your own, look, try, search. Enjoy!
However, if you got yourself in some difficult situation - try reading the next section of Might and Magic VI Strategy Guide "Warnings and Tips". There will be no spoilers there but maybe you'll find some useful advices.
Some advices
- Remember that you are playing with a magical Druid, not a mighty in hand-to-hand battles Knight, so in your battles, try not to run close to your enemy, and keep him/her at a sizeable distance. Then, simply use your magical crafts to incinerate the enemy.

- But if you do have to enter the hand-to-hand battle, try not letting the enemy (if there are many around you) surround you. Run into a corner, or press with your back against the wall - that's better than to stand in the center!

- And use your magical capabilities wisely. Spell Points have a tendence to end, and good fighting spells cost a lot. That's why try (before using them), to figure out which spell will be the most effective one on the enemy you're going to battle.
- Always remember that the protection spells cast on you are working only for a limited time. And this time depends firstly on that of how much have you increased your level on one or other magic, using the valuable Skill Points.
- Also remember that you must have the most valuable spell in your Spell Book, which you need like the air itself - Lloyd's Beacon. Try getting this spell as soon as possible, and use it if possible.

- Always you need to remember that there are such places (even if you really don't want to) where you will have to fight without magic. That's why distribute the Skill Points on your fighting skills as well as on the Magical ones!

- Even supposing that you are a magical hero, you can still get a very big benefit from buying magical wands, which often contain the spells that you do not have the abilities to learn - like Shrinking Ray, for example.
          FIRST STEPS
- Also, do not forget to take the quest from Albert Newton on the promotion on a Wizard. And also, the quest on the High Council.
Albert Newton lives in the Castle to the North-West of the main city of Mist, surrounded by the angry Followers of Baa and the women-Assasins. They are very quick, and do not let them to get  close to you! Do not forget that there is a Temple on the Misty Islands, where you can always heal yourself.
Albert Newton always forgets things, quite a lot those things which are very important.