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Might and Magic VI
The detailed review of the first stage of the Might and Magic VI game is done keeping in mind that a player is passing it "solo" with only one hero, and the magical hero Druid on top of this, as the magical path is easier than the might path. That's why the Author advises always begin your "solo" experience with the magical hero and only after beating the game with him/her, try the might path with one might hero. In case of Might and Magic VI the Author recommends to choose the Knight as the solo might hero. All advices and tips below in this section are quite conformed with the might path as well, but please, don't forget to look out some extra recommendations for the solo Knight game that are in the special section by the name
The main attention in this section is paid not to battles, as you might be expecting, but preparations for these future battles. The Author specifically indicates some very simple measures that will help you to acquire a substantial sum of money in the first days of the game, which could be used for training and learning and shopping. Also there are the detailed explanations how it would be best to spend this money if you want to prepare your hero for the battles.
- What you must do in New Sorpigal
- What you must do when you will reach Castle Ironfist
- What you must do when you'll reach Free Haven
- What you must do when you'll reach Silver Cove
- What is better to buy and what you must learn after you'll fulfill the Money Quest
- What can you do next and whom among your enemies you can easily kill in the first   days of the game
- What you must learn first of all
- What quests you must absolutely fulfill first of all
What you must do in New Sorpigal
So, you are finally inside the game and you have a letter that must be brought to the tavern to Mr. Andover Potbello. For this simple errand you'll recieve the whole 1000 gold coins.
(Oh, if it would happen everyday in the real life! But it's exactly the reason why we love computer games - because they are not as real life, right?)
The kind mister will give you instead an another letter, which must be delivered to the Castle Ironfist.
(Don't worry, apart from the duties of the courier express mail service you'll have a lot of real battles and adventures.)
Don't forget to pick everything up inside a chest which is standing and waiting for you on the right side from the town bridge.
By the way, you'll make your life much easier if you'd acquire a very useful habit to write down who talked with you about what, who, what, and where can teach you. You need to have maps of the towns with the notes of where certain people live. Don't forget to speak with passers-by (peasants) in the towns. You'll be surprised how much useful information you can get out of them, what was and is happening on the continent, what creatures live in different places, and how dangerous are they.
Don't discard these conversations as not essential. You are in the game to recieve pleasure, aren't you? How could you understand the game completely if you don't know what is going on in this game world? Well, if you are in a hurry to kill everyone, just do it quickly, then load the game from the beginning and do it again the slow way - you'll find that you have missed a lot of things.
Well, surely you can find a lot of reference material (about creatures, maps and etc.) on the different MM sites on the Web. There are literally the whole encyclopedias about all MM games. But! All those were done by oher people, not you. When you are doing all the notes by yourself, it would help you immensely to find your bearings on any place in the game, and to remember all locations. Compare it as you'd prepare for the exams with your own note-books or with an other person's cribs.
You don't need to make maps of subterranean locations, like caves and tunnels, for example, as well as the insides of buildings. That would be done by your automap for you (this small window in the right top corner of the screen).
Don't try to map Darkmoor on the first stage of the game - you'll be killed by far more superior enemies.
Unfortunately, that is the time to say last good-byes to the other three members of the party. They must be sacrificed. But they would continue to be with you till the end of the game if only the visual form of graves and the actual forms of luggages. You'll find them very useful for storing a lot of things. And they are the most reliable luggages in the world - you'll never lose a single thing from them!
So, what you must do to fulfill their deepest desire to become luggages. Just go to the nearest deep water you can find (river, sea, whatever) and force your party to run into the water (pressing "X"). Don't forget to revive your main hero from time to time - you don't want to lose him/her, otherwise who'll be doing all these adventures? To revive your hero (only the main!) you must go to the fountain in the center of the town and drink from it. When your three other members of the party finally have ceased to breathe, and became luggages, you are free to pursue the solo game of Might and Magic VI.

- Find Blade's End Guild and learn "leather" there.
- Learn "Merchant" (for gaining more profit while shopping!) in Buccaneer's Lair, as well as
"Disarm Trap"
(very useful when you're opening chests - it isn't very kind to let your lone hero be blasted everytime he/she would open a chest with a booby trap).
- Now, and only now when your hero the Druid can speak the merchant talk with all the sellers, you can sell extra stuff left from the other last three party memebers. If you're playing with a Druid and followed the advices on how to select a party, your income should be about 600-1000 gold coins.
- Next - go to the stables and collect all the horseshoes you can find there. After this, leave through the same stable for Castle Ironfist.
Always remember to collect all horseshoes in all stables! They will be extremely useful for boosting your hero's level, for learning new skills and advancing in the already acquired ones.
- When you will arrive to the Castle Ironfist, don't forget to check the stables here for some loose horseshoes. After collecting them, you can run directly to the castle.
Find the Regent of Enroth by the name of Wilbur Humphrey and give him your letter. You'll get your
coins for this. Easy money!
- Some extra cash is available in the chest on the seashore just behind the tavern
- By using the button "X" on your keyboard you'll be able to reach the second chest which is farther than the first. Don't be afraid - just jump across the water.

The town of Free Haven has one peculiarity. You can't reach it the first time by ship or by stables (that is, riding in the local coach). You can only go there by foot and through the hard land of
Bootleg's Bay
Well, technically it is one more variance - to teleport there by the spell of "Town Portal".

The Author suggests to go by foot to the town of Free Haven.
You must run through the Followers of Baa, and the
Lizard Warriors
without engaging into a battle down the road that begins to the left from the stables. Don't try to fight, there will be plenty of time to do fighting later. Just run for your life dodging from time to time in order to avoid incoming arrows. Imagine that you're a hare, and everything will be okay. Before you'll know it you'll be already in the land of Bootleg's Bay.
There are some more dangers waiting for you here, specifically the local cannibals who are none the else but nearly starved to death on vegetarian diet
. Ignore them! Continue to in the North-West direction until you'll reach the village of
Bootleg's Bay
Directions of your movement is easy to follow on the small automap at the top right corner of the screen. Your current position is indicated by the small arrow which is pointed in the direction of your movement.

How to do fast running. You can either run slow, without pressing Shift, but if you do press Shift, you will run much faster, and not like a turtle (joke).
In the village of Bootleg's Bay you'll find much more civilized society and nobody would try to cook you. So, you can proceed leisurely through the whole village. At the end of the village you'll find a road - follow it. Soon will be the crossroads. Take the right side to the lands of
Free Haven
On the territory of Free Haven lands you'll meet local angry Mages. Don't try to fight with them, use the same evasive maneuever by running and dodging. Run and run, don't pay attention to anyone until you reach a river. Cross the river by a bridge - pass more angry
and some even angrier Archers. The last efforst and you are in the town of Free Haven.

Well, you're probably mystified enough why all these efforts to reach Free Haven. Why did you break all Olympic records in running with obstacles? Here are your reasons.
In the game of Might and Magic VI it is possible to use several diffirent ways of travelling between locations. The simplest way is by foot. You can go to some places by ship. In some places there are teleporters. Later in the game you could use special spells for teleportation. But the most common way of travelling is still the stables, especially on the first stage of the game.
And here's your reson of being in Free Haven.
Until you will not visit Silver Cove and Ironfist you couldn't use other towns stables.
You can move anywhere in any direction from the town of Free Haven. It is the Rome of Enroth. All the roads lead to Free Haven!
From here you can now go to:
- Silver Cove
- Darkmoor (Mire of the Damned)
- Kriegspire
- White Cap
- Blackshire
What you must do when you'll come to Free Haven
- First of all the usual errand - collect all horseshoes!

You must have already a lot of these horseshoes by now. Please, be patient - don't throw them away! These horseshoes will give your hero extra skill points. Just keep them until you'll finish the
Money Quest
- Second thing to do is to find and hire a Gate Master NPC (non-playing-character, who is like a looking for job person in our world). This Gate Master will teleport you from one town to another, but only to the towns where are central town fountains located and only once per day. Still even with such restrictions it's obvious that this Gate Master is a very useful employer.
For those playing the game for the very first time - you can hire any NPC by clicking the left mouse button on the necessary peasant. These peasants (NPC, unemployed people) are browsing around in every town in the world except:
- Kriegspire
- Sweet Water
- Paradise Valley
- Eel Infested Waters
When you've clicked on the NPC, the window will be opened with his/her portrait, his services and his fees. For example, the Gate Master will charge you 2000 coins in advance and 20% from all bounty (payments for fulfilled quests are not counting, that's your money!). If you click on the NPC with the right button of your mouse, you'll get information about the special abilitites of this particular NPC.
Before you'll begin looking for a Gate Master, it's useful to save the game. If you'll not be able to find him on the town's streets, don't be upset, just reload your saved game and try again. Repeat the same procedure until you'll get a loading with a Gate Master among the NPC's. Each loading the bunch of NPC's changes, so finally you'll definitly recieve what you need.
- In Silver Cove go to Lady Loretta Fleice, who lives at the far end of the town, in the castle. Unfortunately there is one minor obstacle in the shape of Gargoyles that are staying not very far from the castle. It's easy -  don't pay any attention to them, just use your feet for fast running. Be prepared to click quickly on the door to the castle or the
will have you for lunch. In the castle speak with the lady and take a Money Quest from her. It is a very easy quest. The only thing you need to do it to visit all the stables on the continent and fix the prices there by clicking on the sign "fix price". There are 9 stables altogether in Enroth. After you have fixed the price in one stable, spend a night in this town and move to an another in the morning by teleporting. The job will be well paid - 25000 gold which are essentially important for you.

Never speak with Lady Loretta Fleice until you'll finish the Money Quest completely (i.e. visit all the stables and fix prices in each of them). It is important, otherwise you'll only annoy her and she'd cut your payment tremendously!

If for one reason or another, you'll not use an NPC Gate Master, then be very careful when visiting the Darkmoor stables. Check carefully the stables schedule. You must be absolutely sure that you'll
be able to leave
Darkmoor the same day that you've arrived. If you'll spend a night there - you'll never wake up - you'll be killed by the locals. The only way will be reloading the last save. There is a complete STABLE SCHEDULE in the reference section.
ADVICE: Do not waste your money for using the stable services in order to visit Kriegspire. You can
easily walk there from
Blackshire and save 200 coins - a big sum for the first stage of the game.
The Money Quest of Lady Loretta Fleice will be considered as fulfilled when you'll fix the prices in the following 9 stables:                                               
The payment for this quest is 25000 coins. This is your fund for equipping your hero. You can use it however you like but the Author has some suggestions.

Please pay attention that till this day you DID NOT fight with anyone at all. All that time you were busy collecting money that will be spent on your hero. That is very important. Don't force your hero in the battle without preparing him. The better equipment your hero would have, the better learning and training - the more chances that he/she will  be a winner and not a loser.
What you must do when you will reach Castle Ironfist
-Don't forget to learn the bow skill in the Berserker's Fury guild!

After you'll do all these things, your purse will be much heavier. What you'll do next?
You must go from Castle Ironfist to the town of Free Haven.
- When you will finally get yourself this so-important Gate Master, have him to work at once - teleport yourself to Silver Cove.
- Before you'll leave Silver Cove for your worldwide tour, don't forget to talk with the NPC in the town - you'll get a lot of important information.

What you must do when you'll reach Silver Cove
1. New Sorpigal
2. Castle Ironfist
3. Free Haven (2)
4. Blackshire
5. Kriegspire
6. Darkmoor
7. White Cap
8. Silver Cove
- Do not forget to also take the Promotion Quest for your Druid to a Greater Druid.