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Might and Magic VI
Your hero for the magic path in solo game is Druid.

Why Druid? Well, it is, of course, for you to decide, but the Author thinks that the Druid is the optimal choice if you want to incinerate your enemies with the most different kinds of magic.
As a matter of fact, the Druid learns all kind of magic except the Light and Dark, moreover he can reach the top level of the Master at each magic school available for him.
Druid is the mix of Sorcerer and Cleric, and he is better than either of them and much more powerful in magic than either of them too! Remember, that is exactly why we choose the Druid - because of his magical abilities. And it is not the imagination of the Author, if you don't beleive - just read the 3DO Manual for MM6.
Surely, on the first stages of the game the Druid will be in big disadvantage at the might side, and first of all defense point, as he isn't able to learn neither chain, nor plate. As the dweller of forests and the magic adept he hates iron, so you just have to cope with only leather and shield.
But, nothing to worry about, really! This Druid personage is quite capable to stand up for himself.
Skills for the Druid

Initially, the Druid has the following abilities which can't be changed:
- Staff
- Earth Magic
Apart from them when you'll be choosing your party, you can and must choose two more skills for your character.
The Author advises you to choose the following in the empty slots:
- Meditation
- Learning
Please, pay attention that in the 3DO Manual for MM6 there is a slight omission: it isn't indicated that the Druid can learn apart from 'dagger', 'bow' and 'staff', the extremely usefull skill of 'mace' as well!
Meditation: this skill will help you to boost your Spell Points, and as the Druid will fight with a lot of magic, it's extremely important for him.

Learning: this is one of the most important skills in the whole game as it enables you to recieve more Points in the same battles and ordeals than without it. More experience (Points) you have - faster your hero will climb up the levels, stronger, quicker, smarter he becomes. This skill is extremely useful and as all good things in this life isn't just lying around. Meaning that it isn't always possible to learn it at the beginning of the game, especially if you're permanently short on cash. So, better not to tempt a fate, but simply force your Druid to learn it before he/she even goes inside the game!
The Author advises you: do not spend the so hard earned Skill Points for advancing the 'staff' skill. There is no need in it! Your main offensive hand-to-hand weapon will NOT be the Staff, but Mace that is much more powerful. So, forget all these pretty staffs, but don't worry, there are some very nice looking maces for sale in shops as well.
Other members of the party

In order to enter the game of Might and Magic and begin your fabulous adventures you absolutely have to have the full set of characters (such are the rules, it wasn't us who done them, it isn't us to change them).
Therefore, you have to find the most appropriate characters for the Druid, though the life span of these characters will be extremely short...
As far as your aim is to beat the game with only one character - the Druid - the main goal in choosing other characters is to select them not for themselves but for the items for your Druid.
Those items could be given to the Druid for using (all necessary weapons and armory as well as magical books, etc.) all others could be and will be sold for hard cash as the shortage of money is the perpetual problem not only in our real life, folks, but in the fantasy world of Might and Magic as well. That's why a couple of thousands of extra gold coins is a very big advantage in the game, especially on the first stage and for the lone hero.
The Author advises you to choose the following combination of characters for the Druid:

#2 will be Sorcerer with the obligatory abilitites of:
- Dagger
- Fire Magic

We'll add two more skills to them:

- Water Magic
- Air Magic
Advantages: three free of charge magical books of Fire, Air and Water.
#3 will be Cleric with the obligatory abilities of:
- Mace
- Body Magic

We'll add two more skills to them:

- Spirit Magic
- Mind Magic
Advantages: three free of charge magical books of Body, Spirit and Mind, plus the offensive weapon - the mace (but you'll not use it too much as it is too weak, so, it will be sold for cash).
#4 will be Archer with the obligatory abilities of:
- Bow
- Air Magic

We'll add two more skills to them:

- Leather
- Fire Magic
Advantages: bow and leather armour, and two free of charge magical books of Air and Fire.
What we finally got with such a combination of characters

Your Druid has in his/her inventory the following treasures (well, after he has taken everything from all the other characters of the party, of course...)

- Seven (!) magical books which he/she can use later: that are the books of Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Spirit, Mind and Body (plus two extra copies which can be sold for cash, and that is when each book costs 100 gold coins)
- Leather armour
- Weapons: mace, bow, and even not the very necessary staff and some other
- Add to it a lot of small things as rings, belts, etc.

Not bad, is it? Your Druid is rich.
All unnecessary items can be sold at the beginning of the game, BUT NOT BEFORE your hero would learn the 'Merchant' skill to improve the profit! The exact amount of gained money is depending very much from the particular game, as with each loading of the game you'll recieve slightly diffirent sets of items for each character. However, it is quite safe to predict that about 1500 gold could be earned after the sale of all unnecessary items. These coins are needed by your hero as the air itself, because he/she must learn a lot of important things in all these diffirent guilds, shops, schools and other establishments.

Well, it isn't the end of your choosing the party! (Remember, that we aren't in the game yet!). Now what you need is to check out the Skill Points of your hero.
Skill Points distribution

That is easy. As you're really interested in only one hero - the Druid, you just simply take all the Skill Points from all the other members of the party and grant them to Druid. Don't forget first to minimize the attributes (might, intellect, endurance, speed and other stuff like that) of all characters (except your main hero). As the result, these attributes will be highlighted with red.
Altogether you can reach up to 92 free points in the pool. Now transfer all these points to the Druid and boost all his attributes to the maximum. You must get everything up to 25, except 'personality', which can be raised only till 15.
It is worth mentioning that there are only two attributes that give your hero extra Spell Points, and these are 'intellect' and 'personality'. It means that the higher these attributes are - the more capabilities your hero has for using magic. As the main weapon of the Druid hero is magic, it's self evident that these two attributes are extremely important for him/her. However, the 'personality' level is easy to raise by aquiring some items, like cloaks, gloves, boots and others.  In another words, you'll be able to boost it in no time just by going shopping. Things are not that easy with the 'intellect' attributes, that's why it's better to maximize its level before going inside the game.
Well, finally your hero the Druid is ready for adventures in Might and Magic VI.
Go ahead! Adventures are waiting for you!
What do you need to do on the first stages of the game you can learn in the section "FIRST STEPS"