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Lady Dragon's Rampart Overview
The city of Rampart has many distinctive advantages, but some disadvatages as well. Of course, each town has one speciality or other, but I believe that the Rampart is the most weakest town of all in Heroes III.
Of course, one also mustn't underestimate the city - its army can be powerful, and its first level units are among the most powerful in the game (in my opinion, of course).
1. Centaurs/Centaur Captains

They are very fast when upgraded, but they also serve very well as a guard for the Grand Elves, an attacking force in the beginning of the game, and a diversion for the computer. :-)
They can be massed quickly, and in large numbers. Except fast movement, the Centaur Captains also have a great defense, and a lot of Hit Points.
2. Dwarves/Battle Dwarves

Amost immune to magic with the Resistance skill of your hero, they can become deadly - it is extremely hard to kill these little, tuff men. They are an excellent guard unit in the start of the game - with the right tactic, one can get very far on the map with the Battle Dwarves.
3. Wood Elves/Grand Elves

It is absolutely necessary to upgrade these shooters in the start of the 2nd week. It's just when upgraded, these shooters have two arrows instead of one in their quiver to shoot in the opponent. Thus, they become twice as deadly.
4. Pegasi/Silver Pegasi

Do not build them before you will have the Dendroid Guards and Grand Elves built! If you do, you will be left with 10 Pegasi (or even less), and a very small number of Elves. Personally, I build the Enchanted Spring only after upgrading the first three levels, and usually not before that.
The Silver Pegasi are powerful only in large numbers, and win from their low defense with the fast speed. Though, I believe that the Silver Pegasi are incomplete - in my opinion, they also need the "no retaliation" bonus.
They are rather weak units, and won't help you much in the early game.
5. Dendroid Guards/Dendroid Soldiers

Slow, but efficient. With their special ability to bind, the Soldiers become remarkable units. Even in small numbers, they are brilliant attackers, defenders, and absorbers of retaliation. And when the Dendroid Arches are built (the Rampart is the only city in the game which has a 5th level adder), the Dendroids are generated each week by 8. Not bad? Magnificent!
6. Unicorns/War Unicorns

I think that it is a disadvatage that one can build the Unicorn Glade only after constructing the Enchanted Spring. But the beautiful and powerful War Unicorns are worth it - they have an amazing speed, and more - they blind (well, sometimes, at least, they never seem to want to blind when I want it!), when attacking. This makes them a very special unit, with an other extraordinary advanatge - the Magical Aura. It helped me many times against all those nasty spells that the opponent has the tendence to cast. It is also a good idea to put the War Unicorns next to the Grand Elves, when during a siege of your town.
7. Green Dragons/Gold Dragons

The Gold Dragons are not the most powerful 7th unit in the game, but still, they are powerful in their own way.
They have the immunity to all of the spells of the 4th level and lower; the Gold Dragons can be a problem (and a very big one) for the opponent, when in big numbers. They also have a remarkable speed, which is even greater than that of the great Black Dragon.
These were the creatures of the green Rampart, but it still has its many great buildings. Here they are:
1. The Dwarven Treasury

Actually, it is the biggest reason why I like this city. This structure gives +10% to all your money at the start of the week. Of course, one must have the Miners Guild constructed before building the Treasury (Probably, the poor old Dwarven Miners won't just have any place to put all their gold, so build them the Treasury! :-)).
Well, there isn't a point to build the Treasury in the early game, say in the 3rd or 4th week - you will just lose money. But, if you have a lot of money (about 40,000), you can build it, not even regarding my protests!
I just think that this is the perfect structure for the Rampart - lots of money to buy  sometimes not very cheap army!
2. Dendroid Guards building

This one is so cheap that one almost can't believe it - merely 2500 gold! Unlike the Minotaur building in the Dungeon - 4000 Gold and 10 Ore with Gems, or the Genies or Monks in Tower and Castle. Nope, in Rampart - the 5th level is powerful and cheap!
3. Wood (I know, this isn't a building, but well, it is concerned with buildings!)

Well, this is the one thing that I don't like - wood, and a lot of it is needed in the start of the game, especially if you are starting without a Fort, as it sometimes happen in Random Maps. If in such a situation, it will happen that you will need just one chunk of wood, and there is none around, or your Sawmill is guarded by something very big, then it is really bad for you.
Well, no town is without disadvantages.
4. Mage Guild

The Rampart is a happy town - five Mage Guild levels! And there is a awfully big possibility that you will get either Town Portal or Dimension Door in it!
5. Resource Silo

It is not a problem to sacrifice 5000 Gold and 5 Ore for the future generation of Crystals, is it? Well, I don't think it's a problem. If there is money - build the Silo as soon as possible - the Gold Dragons and the Enchanted Spring are big Crystal-eaters, especially in combination with the Mage Guild's needs.
6. Mystic Pond/Fountain of Fortune

This is DEFINETLY not worth building! It costs a lot of precious resources, and gives you a max. of 3-4 each week. And usually, it gives you Ore instead of Gems, Crystal or other precious resources.
And the Fountain of Fortune - why even bother? 10 Crystals is too big a price to pay even for +2 Luck. You just don't need it during the siege (and that is the only time when the Fountain works). Usually your hero has so much Luck, that the Fountain simply can't give it to him/her.
7. Spirit Guardian

Well, I'm about the same opinion of it as of the Fountain of Fortune. If you want to construct it in Rampart, then it will give you the standard +50% creatures, 5000 Gold, and the special of.... +2 Luck to each of your heroes on the map. Well, other Graals can be far more useful than this one, in my opinion.
Well, those were the advantages and disadvantages, in my opinion, of course. But here are my favourite heroes of the Rampart:
~ Melodia
~ Elleshar
~ Gem
Three heroes, and I usually try to have at least two of them when I play.
Melodia because of her Fortune ability - it really helps out in the start of the game, especially when one casts it on the Grand Elves.
Well, Elleshar because of the +5% Intelligence ability. Actually, I think that it's the best ability in the entire game.
Gem's Healing Tent helps out almost in each battle in the early start of the game. Usually, it just serves it's original purpose - healing your wounded units on the battlefield. But it is also usable for placing your Elves behind it (assuming of course, that you have the Tactics skill). The computer also likes to shoot in it, and that way, you will have an advantage over him - he shoots into the Healing Tent instead of, say, the Centaur Captains or the Grand Elves themselves.
Well, I like Rampart because it is green, has wonderful creatures (three horses, actually!), looks great as outside as inside, and almost all of its heroes are marvellous both in Might as Magic. (But I still prefer the Magic-oriented heroes, and you can't change that! :-)).
Lady Dragon the Image Weaver
February, 2001