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Heroes of Might and Magic III
Inferno is the town of Hell. There lives creatures that were thought existed only in ancient tomes and children tales. But it happens that they hold more truth than they were credited for. Those abominable alien beasts infested the continent of Antagarich, exterminated nearly all the population of the peaceful Halflings and occupied their homeland, Eeofol.
Some said that their arrival on the Night of the Shooting Stars was the gods' punishment. It is hard to tell anything about this, but what's evident is that the Inferno creatures are walking on the soil of this world now.
Many brave scouts from the neighbouring with Eeofol countries tried to glimpse inside their high town walls in order to evaluate the strength of the Inferno army. Most of them didn't return alive. Relatives could only hope that they got quick death because the luckiest one who returned spoke about horrible screams of tortured prisoners held captive in Inferno towns.
The prisoners were never used for menial hard work, for this Inferno has a lot of free and willing local creatures - Imps and Familiars. Those were smallish things with permanent running big noses (though it was unclear how they could have a cold in such a hellish climate), small wings and a lot of cunning. They were taught stealing from childhood or whatever is the equivalent in Hell, and used by their bosses for stealing the opponent's magic strength on the battlefield.
Imps and Familiars were always guarded by the cruel Gogs who punished the offenders with the fireballs, but Magogs were even more feared as they never pay any attention is it friend or foe, they just shoot with the huge fireblasts, which burnt everything and everyone in the proximity.
Every town in Antagrich has its own favourite pets. In Castle it's obviously the only not-human creatures - the Griffins, in Stronghold - it is the Wolfs with their master Riders, in Tower - it is the Gargoyles. The Lords of the Inferno decided to follow the example and created their own pets and in the shape similar to dogs so-loved by the humans. But Inferno "dogs" were the Hell Hounds and the demonic three-headed Cerberi. They were used for hunting down the weaker units of an opponent till death on the battlefield.
The Hellich town couldn't be without the actual Demons, and Inferno surely has them along with their best Horned Demons. The drilling offecers for them were the Pit Fiends and Pit Lords. The latter were capable of even resurrecting other creatures in demon forms directly on the battlefield.
The upper level of Inferno army were the creaturs of pure fire. Efreets and Efreet Sultans live in fire and breath fire. They are surrounded by fire and every creature coming too close to them is burnt by their natural fire shield. Fire is useless against them, they only consume it, and even the dying Efreet Sultans send from the realm beyond their final touch of death - bringing fire.
But the most fearful and powerful among all the units of Inferno are of course the Devils and Arch Devils themselves. Always surrounded by the sulfurous vapours they can teleport to any place instantaneously. They are so sure in their superiority that they always mock an enemy in the battlefield and their overwhelming attack against which is immpossible to retaliate is the sure evidence that they have reasons to fell themselves on the top. Moreover, they seemed to be the Lords of cheating and always steal luck from opponents.
The terrible noise of the Devils' scythes raising and falling and cutting the next soul out of the existence is heard throughout all Antagarich. It was truly remarkable how all the nations and races and creatures of the continent ever before quarreling and warring between themselves have forgotten their old disputes and united together against this new align hellish Kreegan menace of Inferno from other worlds.
If you click on the link button here, you'll see all the images of Inferno creatures with their statistics and the views of Inferno from inside and outside.
You can find opinions of other experienced players about Inferno town below. Well, as soon as they will be kindly submitted by the authors. The bigger analysis of the Inerno are available for your attention if you just click on the appropriate link near the author's portrait. If you want to say something about Inferno, please feel free to send e-mail or c-mail to BESS in the community.
29th of January, 2001
I like Inferno not really because they are good, though. I just like them because I'm evil and they have a cool looking grail structure.  =)  Though I don't consider them to be as bad as most people do either...

I like both might and magic just depends on the situation and spells I guess...
And I don't really have anything more to say about the Inferno.
24th of February, 2001
Actually, I'm not very familiar with this town and played it only in the campaigns when you can't choose the type of towns or when they were my opponents.
Though, from my experience with Inferno I can say that it is a mistake to underestimate Inferno creatures in battle.

I hated it when Magogs shot at my troops with their fire bolls. I was always very cautious with Efreet Sultans because of their swiftness and fire shield. Pit Lords were also among the first I tried to attack as I have feared their defense strength and demon resurrection ability. Well, Arch Devils are the self-evident factor.

So, all in all they are the nasty creatures, but they got themselves beautiful town with terrific view if you like it black-red with a touch of the golden lava.