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Hodge Podge
by Hodge Podge
12th of February, 2001
The Conflux town has advantages and disadvantages but overall I enjoy playing this town type because of its aura of mystical charm.
First and foremost in my mind, is that the Conflux is the only town with enough cultural and academic foresight to offer the opportunity of achieving a higher level of education in all the Schools of magic. This allows any Hero to learn the secondary skills of Fire, Air, Water and Earth Magic. Some Heroes will never have these skills offered during a promotion but if they have empty slots in their secondary skills and have a Conflux town available with a Magic University, they can learn all these Magic Skills for the small tuition price of 2,000 gold for each class. What every Hero needs to know, especially if they are of the magic persuasion.  
While the Tower does have a Library to augment these skills with extra spells, the Conflux allows a hero to be able to use the spells they've learned to greatest advantage and least cost.
Major Weakness:

If a Conflux town or a Hero with Conflux creatures is attacked by a Hero who carries the Artifacts Orb of Inhibition and/or Orb of Vulnerability, the major defenses of the Conflux can be rendered null and void. Beware! If either of these two Artifacts are found by your own Hero DO NOT equip them. leave them in your Hero's backpack.
Now on to the Inhabitants of the Conflux Town:

Absolutely the swiftest of 1st Level Creatures. Feminine but deadly especialy in large numbers, Pixies and Sprites are my favorite 1st Level Creature. In fight they can attack so quickly that the unfortunate recipient of their fury has no chance of counter striking. When a Garden of Life is provided within the walls of a Conflux, Pixies and Sprites will gladly join your cause for 20 to 30 gold each at the rate of 30 per week. This is more than any other town type offers and will be increased with Citadel and Castle buildings. They do have a low health for 1st Level creatures but with Sprites not having to deal wit counter striking, this more than makes up for this one shortcoming.
Air/Storm Elementals:

Upgrade is a must with Air Elementals. When upgraded, they become swift and effective ranged attackers, wielding Lightning Bolts as their deadly attack weapon. Immune to Mind Spells and the Meteor Shower spell, as well as the ability to cast Protection from Air makes them a valuable asset to the Conflux family. Unfortunately, Air/Storm Elementals are vulnerable to Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning and Firestorm, as they take double damage from these spells. But if an attacking Hero or a random stack of creatures does not have these spells available to them then the Storm Elemental is a mighty force who can deal damage from afar. Until the building of the Citadel and Castle, they are only six Air/Storm Elementals per week so buy them often.
Water/Ice Elementals:

Another must to be upgraded, as with the Air/Storm Elementals, Water Elementals become efficient ranged attackers when upgraded to Ice Elmentals. Also immune to Mind Spells, the Water/Ice Elemental is also immune to the Ice Bolt and Frost Ring spells but take double damage from Fireball, Fire Shield, Fire Wall and Inferno spells. Shooting Ice Tridents as their attack weapon and the ability to cast Protection from Water, make Ice Elementals just plain cool. 
Fire/Energy Elementals:

When upgraded to Energy Elementals +2 to Attack is gained as well as the ability to fly. Also very swift, immune to all Mind and Fire School spells these creatures are great defenders of their hometown and not too bad when on the attack either. If up against a Hero with Fire Magic Spells, upgraded Energy Elementals can cast Protection from Fire let's say, upon a stack of Ice Elementals, protecting them from Fire Magic. A good strategy to protect your Storm and Ice Elementals while preventing your Energy Elementals from getting in harm's way during a counterstrike; saving their attacks until the Storm and Ice Elementals can get in some shots and decrease the surplus enemy population.
Earth/Magma Elementals:

Very strong, especially when upgraded, Magma Elementals gain +2 to Damage and +1 to Attack and Defense. Magmas also gain the ability to cast Protection from Earth Magic. Both Earth and Magma Elementals are immune to Mind, Lightning Bolt, and Chain Lightning, and Firestorm spells but are vulnerable to Meteor Shower as they take double damage from this spell. Earth/Magma Elementals, being the slowest of the Conflux inhabitants, are usually best left at home to guard and defend their hometown.

Beautiful, magnificent to behold and fully endowed with the power of Flame, these Birds are the fastest of all creatures in the realmof Might and Magic. Always given the first attack, immune to ALL Fire School Magic Spells and when upgraded to Phoenixes, gain +3 to their Attack, +50 to Health and can resurrect from their own ashes, as the legend goes. A good strategy I have found, is when your own Phoenixes get the first attack, have them wait until the end of the turn, then they will not only get the last attack of the previous turn but the first atack of the next turn too. This can be a deciding factor against an army with a Hero who has a plenty of Fire Magic Spells. Try to build up your Citadel and Castle when you have your Pyre so you can get as many as six Phoenixes per week. 
Psychic/Magic Elementals:

Sometimes overlooked until their immense power is realized, when upgraded, Magic Elementals are immune to ALL forms of Magic. This is an invaluable attribute along with their ability to visit their Mental Attacks on all adjacent enemies. Thought and Magic are believed to be the 5th and 6th Elements - unseen but potent! Since Psychic and especially Magic Elementals' attacks are mental, this most times leaves their enemies unable to retaliate. With the immunity to all Magic and able to attack all adjacent enemies, as 6th Level creatures go, Magic Elementals are excellent.
The Grail:

One of the best features of the Conflux town is the ability to get ALL magic spells in your Magic Guild if the Grail Structure is built in yout Conflux town. Since Magic is the bulwark of power in the Conflux, seeking out the Grail as quickily as possible is one way to advance the effectiveness of your town. Of course, as with other town types, the Grail increases creature generation by 50% and the lovely Aurora Borelias also enhances the beauty of your Conflux town.