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Heroes of Might and Magic III
by Bluewind the Genie
Bluewind the Genie
Races and people

Catherine                               daughter of Nicolas Gryphonheart, wife of Roland Ironfist                                  and mother of the prince Nicolai

Duke Kinston Boragus            Lord of Krewlod

Finneas Vilmar                       King of Deyja

Gavin Magnus                       Great Vizier of Bracada

Halflings                                peaceful race of small people settled in Eeofol before
                                            the Kreegans invasion and occupation

Kneelah                                 Kreegans clan

Kreegans                               alien to Antagarich demon race

Lich King Gryphonheart         animated corpse of Nicolas Gryphonheart raised from
                                           the tomb by the necromancy

Lord Haart                            Knight in the Erathian army

Lucifer Kreegan III                Lord High Commander of the Kreegans

Morgan Kendal                     the General of the Erathian army, the Regent of  Erathia

Mot                                     the Death Knight,  the general in the army of Deyja

Nicolas Gryphonheart           the late king of Erathia

prince Nicolai                       the heir to the Enroth, son of Roland Ironfist and

Roland Ironfist                     the king of Enroth, husband of Catherine and father of                                               the prince Nicolai

Tralossk                              the king of Tatalia

Wilbur Humphrey                regent of Enroth   

Lands, continents and towns

Antagarich                              large continent with many countries, including Erathia

Avlee                                     the land of Elves in Antagarich, has common border                                                  with Erathia and other countries

Bracada                                 the land of wizards in Antagarich

Deyja                                    the land of undead creatures and necromancers in
                                           Antagarich, has a common border with Erathia

Eeofol                                  the land in Antagarich, was the cuntry of Halflings but
                                           was completely occupied recently by the Kreegans

Enroth                                  the separate continent and the country with the same   
                                           name across the ocean from Antagarich

Erathia                                  the central and the largest country in Antagarich

Krewlod                               the land of barbarians in Antagarich, has the common
                                          border with Erathia and some other countries

Nighon                                 the island near Antagarich close to the shoreline of
                                           Erathia, the land of Dungeon Lords, has a lot of
                                           underground tunnels

Tatalia                                  the swamp land in Antagarich, has the common border                                              with Erathia

Highcastle                            the border castle of Erathia near Deyja

Kleesive                              the main citadel of Kneelah clan of the Kreegans in
                                         Eeofol near the Erathian border

Steadwick                           the capital of Erathia

Stonecastle                          town in Erathia where the tomb of the late king Nicolas
                                         Gryphonheart is located