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Heroes of Might and Magic III :

Last update of the Heroes History section: on the 9th of May, 2002 with
Heroes of Might and Magic
Cavern of History
by Bluewind the Genie
Bluewind the Genie
When we begin to play Heroes we start to get messages almost from the first day. Many of them we read very carefully. Many of them we just scanned. And many we discarded as they seemed unimportant to us. Most players payed special attention to the facts connected to the particularities of the map and scenario itself as it was the most important thing in a view of the future battles. Unfortunately, the details of the storyline were soon forgotton. That's a loss as 
actually, these messages is a huge book by the name of "World of Heroes"only divided to the small parts, in which all the events are described that we  witnessed and had a role while playing Heroes.

Here you can return back to all campaigns of Heroes III, live them through one more time while reading this complete literary edited compilation of all the game messages gathered together in a novel kindly submitted by Bluewind who has done all this work.

Hope that the old players would find this reading interesting, and if you are a new Heroes player (or still on the stage of deciding) then you'll open the beautiful fantasy world created in this game by New World Computing.

Or maybe you will simply read the following stories just for fun.

Anyway, enough words from me, the Heroes History is waiting for you. Enjoy!
Restoration of Erathia

Father who was the king of the big and powerful country is dead and it is for the daughter to restore the order and justice in Erathia.
Timber Wars

The borders of Erathia were restored, the dead were lying in their graves where they belong, but with the end of war the old disputes raised again.
Armageddon's Blade

After the mysterious slaying of demon King Xenofex, Lucifer Kreegan solidified his rule over the clans in Eeofol. Following a visionary dream, Kreegan is rumored to have begun gathering relics to build and artifact, the legendary Armageddon's Blade, which has the power to set the world on fire.
Dragon's Blood

In the nation of Nighon, a young ambitious female overlord named Mutare seeks to defeat an aging, ineffective neighbor, Ordwald, who has squandered his land and done nothing to deserve his valuable territory. Lead Mutare and her armies as she attempts to gain rule over a larger portion of Nighon. In her campaign to expand her territory, Mutare learns of a fabled magical vial of Dragon's Blood that, when ingested, will transform a human into a powerful sentient dragon.
Dragon Slayer

The wizard Dracon sets out to specialize in the field of Dragon Slaying. He will gain training and cut his teeth as a slayer by destroying a Crystal Dragon. In an effort to make a name for himself, Dracon hopes to find and slay the greatest dragon to ever live, the Azure Dragon.
Festival of Life

Every thirty years the youth of Krewlod are given the opportunity to replace their clan leaders and vie for the throne. In preparation, a section of Krewlod is let alone for thirty years, creating a place of wild and numerous beasts. As Kilgor the Barbarian, you must defeat the beasts, the Ancient Behemoth Razor Claw, and the other lords in order to have a chance to usurp the king's throne.
Playing with Fire

Adrienne, an outcast Fire Witch in the land of Tatalia, travels to her homeland to discover a strangely familiar Death Knight is turning the local population into a harvesting ground for the Undead. Restore order to the land and hunt down this evil Death Knight. Absolute extermination of the undead plague is your ultimate goal.
Foolhardy Waywardness

In a story pre-dating the Restoration Wars, a hurricane during a sightseeing tour leaves a young Sir Christian marooned on the Regnan Isles. In order to gain passage back to Enroth, you must help the island natives in exchange for a ticket home. Navigating the politics of the locals may prove more treacherous than steering through the rocky isles themselves.
Shadow of Death. It is a wonderful campaign, about how Sandro the Lich figured out a plan how to conquer Erathia. And tried to make it into life. What happened from it - you know, if you played. If not, then read the story.

Though the campaign Shadow of Death was released the last, the events described in it happened to be chronologically before Restoration of Erathia and explained the secret reasons of the war between Erathia and Deyja.
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Hack and Slash

Recently arrived from Enroth, Crag Hack seeks fame, fortune and glory on this new continent, Antagarich. He meets a young wizard's apprentice, Sandro, who is seeking four artifact. Sandro promises gold, glorious battle, and a land title, which interests the adventurous barbarian.
Elixir of Life

Gelu is the youngest individual to ever graduate from the Forest Guard. He must pass one final test and then he will enter service under Lord Falorel: assemble the pieces to the Elixir of Life so the Deyjan Lords can't destroy the precious combination artifact.
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Birth of a Barbarian

Yog has decided to reject his genie heritage and folow in the footsteps of his Barbarian father. Winston Boragus, the Duke of Krewlod, has invited to Yog to join his Barbarian army, but Yog's Magic Academy masters do not agree with these plans and will attempt to stop Yog. Once Yog makes it to Krewlod, he must pass the first test to see Winston Boragus, and then he must pass the second test - disperse the pieces of the Angelic Alliance.
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New Beginning

Gem has left the ghosts of war in Enroth that have plagued her since the Succession Wars. She finds a home in AvLee and has begun to work for Lord Fayette. While working near the Erathian border she meets Sandro, a wizard's apprentice who is helping his master perform anti-necromancy research. She agrees to help Sandro find some artifacts and is soon laying a path of destruction through necromancer territory.
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Rise of the Necromancer

Having successfully garnished all of the pieces for the Cloak of the Undead King and the Armor of the Damned, Sandro is now travelling to Deyja. His old master, Ethric, has other plans for the power-hungery necromancer. Ethric has sent word to Sandro's enemies of his location and that he possesses the powerful artifacts. Sandro must fight his way through these opponents before continuing to Deyja and making allies there.
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Unholy Alliance

Four heroes must discover the truth behind some recent occurences. They soon learn the wizard's apprentice, Sandro, was really a necromancer with plans for world domination. Uncovering Sandro's true ambitions, the heroes must join forces to stop him, but they must first find the pieces of the Angelic Alliance in order to face the powerful necromacer in his lair.
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Specter of Power

Evil never rests, and Sandro is no exception. He has formed another plan to dominate Antagarich, starting with Erathia. With a little help from the corrupted Lord Haart, the brutish Kreegans and the greedy Dungeon Overlords, he will soon rule all of Antagarich.
Queen Catherine of Erathia orders her war-weary troops to invade Eeofol in order to dethrone the desructive demon monarch. But Erarhia's people are split over Catherine's action.

Lucifer's hell-spawned army has pushed Erathia's soldiers back to Eeofol-Erathia border, and there have been reports of the emergence of myserious elemental Confluxes the size of cities.

Though these Confluxes don't appear to be hostile, their intent is still unknown.
As Catherine, Roland and Gelu, you must fight the desructive Lucifer Kreegan and his demon army before has a chance to assemble the Armageddon's Blade and engulf the world in flames.
This is the complimentary story about the immortal barbarian hero Tarnum and his life.
It would be not so important if not the fact that he was directly involved with the tragedy of the Sword of Frost and destruction of the old world of Antagarich.
Therefore, if you would like to know where did the Sword of Frost came and why the plot of Heroes of Might and Magic IV is executing in the new world, you'll better read the short summary of Tarnum's adventures.
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Last update of the Heroes History section: on the 9th of May, 2002 with
Here you will read the fantasy fan fiction version of the events that has happened in the world of Heroes of Might and Magic.
Heroes of Might and Magic III :

This is the new age in the world of Heroes of Might and Magic. Everything changed. The old world was destroyed.  Many heroes and the whole races died and persihed in the catastrophical disaster caused by pride and stubborness.
However, a lot of things are still the same.
And the most important one is that
Heroes are still with us.
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Heroes IV
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