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Heroes of Might and Magic III
Dungeon has suffered perhaps the heaviest losses because of its alliance with the Enroth prince Archibald Ironfist in the Succession Wars for the throne against his royal brother Roland.
Among other fugitives from Enroth who were on the wrong side at the war Dungeon Warlocks and Overlords crossed the ocean to Erathia loking for a new home.
They have found it on the islands of Nighon putting deep water and high mountains between themselves and any neighbours. To ensure the safety of the dwellings they went underground in the vast system of tunnels.
But not all Dungeon creatures liked these changes. The Centaurs were suffering without enough grass and sun. When the Elves of Rampart offered them a new home in the deep Tularean Forest, they were eager to desert the undergroud Dungeon.
The Gargoyles found it more preferrable to live in the Tower towns, perhaps because they have these extra Lookout Towers for sitting and looking down at everyone.
When the Dungeon Lords passed Erathia on their way to Nighon, they have lost the Griffins, who decided to settle there on the plains.
The Hydras were more loyal and moved to Nighon underground towns, but they were not happy there. It was altogether too dry environment for them there.
And other creatures always hated the humid smell of the Hydras' dwellings alien to the Dungeon. When the swamp Lords of Fortress offered the Hydras the top position in their army, the Hydras have left the Dungeon without any regrets but the Warlocks and Overlords lost powerful creatures.
But the most painful blow was inflicted by the desertion of the Green Dragons to Rampart. How the Elves managed to persuade the Greens, that is the mystery but no doubt a huge amount of gold was involved.
The only original Dungeon creatures left from Enroth were the Red and Black Dragons and the ever-loyal fearless Minotaurs.
The nice surprise was the request of before neutral Medusas to attach themselves to Dungeon on the terms that they will be taught marksmanship, as they didn't like hand-to-hand fighting. Warlocks were happy to oblige especially as the Medusas had the magical ability to petrify their enemies if they dare to come too close to them.
But that was all. There were only three detachments out of the seven - Dragons, Minotaurs and the Medusas. The Dungeon Lords were in deep trouble. The urgent and drastic measures were needed. That was not the first time and Warlocks with the Overlords were accustomed to it. It was the very essence of their life - war and conquers.
As soon as they have arrived to Nighon they began to clear tunnels. Their motto was simple - either you'll bend your knees to us or you're dead. The local tribes of the strange underground blind creatures Troglodytes tried to resist but not for too long. When their leaders understood that they face total extinction, the peace treaty was signed and the Troglodytes became the ground untis of the new Dungeon army.
However, there were other creatures in the tunnels and they were not so easy to conquer. The Evil Eyes were powerful shooters with the magical ability to inflict strange unnatural sleep to the enemies. The death-bringing rays that they shoot with took down Dungeon units at the distance. The Warlocks decided to use their own new shooting unit - the Medusas against those Evil Eyes creatures. The losses were heavy, nearly a half of the brave Medusas didn't return from the battle, but the Evil Eyes were subdued. Afraid of their strength and not abdsolutely sure about Evil Eyes' loyalty, the Warlocks have deprived them of their magical ability. It was no good to have them to induce sleep on the guards and reviolt against their new Dungeon Lords.
Fortunately for the Dungeon the most powerful creatures native to the underground tunnels of Nighon - the tribes of Behemoths and even more powerful and rare Ancient Behemoths didn't involve themselves in the fights but decided to move to a new home somewhere on the mainland with the Barbarians, who have found common ground with them.
When all the tunnels were cleared out and secured, it was time to check out the surface of Nighon. It was covered by high mountains and populated by the proud and fierce flying cretures of Rocs and Thunderbirds, Manticores and Scorpicores.
The problem with the Rocs and the golden magical Thunderbirds, which were able to cast Lightning Bolts on their enemies has been cleared out pretty soon, as most of their tribes decided to attach themselves to the Barbarians and others left were not threat for the Dungeon Lords. They have reached the agreement seldom signed by Dungeon, that the mighty birds can stay in their nests in the Thuderfist Mountains of Nighon as long as they don't involve anyway in the affairs of the Dungeon Lords and keep the strict neutrality.
The other flying creatures who were not birds and not animals but some completely diffirent align magical beasts posed much a greater challenge to the Dungeon. They have refused to bend to the will of the Warlocks, and they were formidable opponents, especially the greater Scorpicores with their paralyzing ability. And they fly so fast! The Dungeon Lords just have not enough flying units to oppose them. The Dragons were too precious to put them in such a danger and waste them for subduing some other creatures. Hastily the whole continent of Antagarich was searched for the flying creatures, which would be willing to pledge their loyalty to the Dungeon. They were found in Deyja. The tribes of Harpies and Harpy Hags were enlisted in the Dungeon army and thrown directly to the heat of the battles with the Scorpicores.
It was either now or never. The Warlocks set the leaders' dwellings of the stubborn beasts on fire and when they burst out of them, they were completely surrounded by the tight circle of the Harpies and Harpy Hags with the additional units of the Dragons on the flanks. In this formation they were herded to the single working volcano on Nighon. When the elders of the Scorpicores have realized that the Dungeon Lords were deadly serious in their intention to throw all of them to the volcano's flames, the resistance was broken.
This way, with the cruel and efficient measures the Dungeon Lords knocked together the new army for their towns, and one of the most powerful in the world on top of it.
If you click on the link button here, you'll see all the images of Dungeon creatures with their statistics and the views of Dungeon from inside and outside.
You can find opinions of other experienced players about Dungeon town below. Well, as soon as they will be kindly submitted by the authors. The bigger analysis of the Dungeon are available for your attention if you just click on the appropriate link near the author's portrait. If you want to say something about Dungeon, please feel free to send e-mail or c-mail to BESS in the community.
BESS the Black Dragon
Rex Mundi
Rex Mundi
27th of January, 2001
The "best" town is and always has been whichever one wins that particular map.

My "favorite" town is the Dungeon. I like the way that it looks and it produces really interesting Magic heroes, which is the type I prefer to play.

The advantages I see in the Dungeon are that every creature in it has a special ability. It doesn't have a high level shooter but as both the Evil Eyes and Medusas have no melee penalty in combat they aren't as esily defeated by fast flying enemies. With the troops provided you could make an army of fast flyers only, mixed flyers and shooters, or just shooters and creatures to defend them.

The Dungeon troops benefit greatly from the heroes who have Tactics because it is good for them to be able to reconfigure just prior to battle so you can decide if it is best to fight as the aggressor or the defender that particular time.

Dungeon is excellent both for sieging and for defending a siege because 5 of the creatures can fly or shoot which makes the castle walls an obstacle for the opponent more than the Dungeon troops no matter who owns the town.

The magic of the Dungeon is superior with spells tending toward Earth and Fire Magic so you can usually expect to get Town Portal, Resurrect, Armageddon, or Implosion and with Intelligence and the Mana Vortex Warlocks with 500+ spell points are common.

The disadvantages are that Warlocks are generally VERY weak in Attack and Defense skill development, the troops as a whole do less than average damage for their cost and the town is second most expensive to construct but it is still my favorite.
Storm  Lord
11th of February, 2001
The town I like the most is the Dungeon. I think it is the toughest town in all Heroes from the first game till the third one.

The main advantage is the Black Dragons. The second imortant advantage is us, the Minotaurs. We are the best foot unit in the whole game. Also the best grail is in the Dungeon.

Advise you to play the Dungeon and you'll see that it is the best of the best.
Donthitmeimonly opinion...
29th of January, 2001
Can't say much about Inferno, really...because I was never really very fond of it. In fact, I probably only dislike Fortress more than Infrno.
Primary reason being I like ranged combat, and Fortress and Inferno was rather pathetic in that department.

Tower and Dungeon had the most effective shooters about, hence my choices. Was also teribly fond of Expert Slow, for giving my shooters more time to kill beasties ;-)
Yes, always was more fond...of  not having to smell someone's breath before killing him/her. ;-P

Ranged units - Titans, Archmages, Evil Eyes, etc.

Good spell casting structures - Lev 5 Guilds, Library (Tower) and Mana Vortex (Dungeon).Half-decent starting heroes to pick from initialy and you can't go wrong with most of the Wizards and Warlocks.

While the Conflux is great as well with the Magic University and Elementalists having Schools of magic proficiency, I guess I never got very fond of playing it as a town very much... although I always try to keep a couple of Phoenixes with me for the first move initiative factor, regardless of what town I end up playing.