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Heroes of Might and Magic III
Conflux is the town of the Elemental Lords. Nobody knows why they have suddenly decided to appear in this world and assist the humans with Catherine Ironfist in the head to fight Kreegans invasion on Antagarich. The Elemental Lords didn't reveal their reasons, though their help was invaluable and happened to be the decisive factor in the final victory of the humans over the devilish aliens. It was in the war for the fable monstrous Armageddon's Blade that the first sightings of the strange Conflux towns have been reported. 
The seers' guess that the inhabitants of Conflux would be the elementals of different planes has been justified. The Elementals from four planes of Air, Water, Fire and Earth live behind the Conflux town walls. That at least could be anticipated, but the presence of beings from the fifth plane of Thought and the sixth plane of Magic was the revelation to scholars all round the world. It seems that the Universe never ceased to astonish its researchers and is consisting of much more that it was initially presumed.
Nevertheless, the real shock was even not this but the fact that there were two familiar creatures from the former Sorceress's towns. There were a lot of speculation around who were Sprites and Phoenixes initially. Were they spies of the Elemental Lords on Antagarich or just deserters changed colors when the sorceress's towns disintegrated. Nor the Elemental Lords, neither the both creatures themselves never revealed any clues whatsoever.
In the town of Conflux the Sprites showed their feminine nature to the full extent, and were blossoming in their Magic Lantern dwellings and flying around in the Gardens of Life. In battles they mock male units of opponent by shamelessly uncovering their body parts and shattering fight concentration of the enemy to such extreme that nobody could even retaliate against them, while the Sprites were loudly crying, "We are the females, we are the weak sex, you can't possibly strike us back!" Fortunately the Sprites were the only female unit with such an attitude in Conflux army which was quite strong without these dirty tricks.
All the higher Elementals have the magical ability to protect against spells of whatever plane they originate from, but at the same time they are quite vulnerable of the spell attack of the opposite plane.
There are two shooting units in Conflux. The Storm Elementals, who are the elite unit formed from the best Air Elementals, can cast lightning bolts in the opponent. The Ice Elementals promoted from the Water Elementals can throw the ice tridents. 
The strongest unit of Conflux, the Phoenixes, as it is their nature, can resurrect themselves from the ashes, fortunately not all of them but just a small number, though even this is still more than enough reason to worry for their opponents.
But the most difficult to comprehend were those strange alien Psychic and Magic Elementals who can inflict devastating damage to all adjacent enemy units by telepathic attack. Moreover, the first one are immune to all attacks to their mind, the second one are immune to all kinds of magic whatsoever.  
The only creatures of this world capable of such scale of the defense system are the Black Dragons, but it is the known fact that the Black Dragons are the ancient race, the first inhabitants of this world accumulated the vast knowledge of all sorts during their many thousands of years life-spans. To realize that those not very intimidating from the first sight creatures have the same ability that the black winged beasts, was the extremely disturbing news that forced to speculate those who think what else have the Elemental Lords in their cache of surprises.
You can find opinions of other experienced players about Conflux town below. Well, as soon as they will be kindly submitted by the authors.
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One of the most powerful towns in Heroes III, I think. Well, all of its creatures are powerful, and the Phoenixes multiply by 4 each week with the Castle upgrade. The Conflux also has an advantge because almost all of its units (except Sprites and Phoenixes) have a normal morale, which never changes. This is an advantage, for one can make one army out of several - one from the Conflux, and the other... say, the Necropolis. This way, you woud have one very powerful army combined out of two.
Of course, it also has such advantages like the:
~ The Magical University
~ 5th level Mage Guild
~ The Garden of Life - in combination with the dwelling of Pixies outside (if you    have one), you will recieve about 70 Sprites each week.
~ Artifact Merchants
~ The Conflux has a nice Graal - the Aurora Borealis grants all spells
~ With a Firebird dwelling outside (again presuming that you have one), you will     gain not 4, but 7 Phoenixes each week, which are the most cheapest 7th level      unit.
The Conflux also has an advantage as the so-called "Armageddon Army", which consists of Phoenixes, Magic Elementals, Energy Elementals, and Magma Elementals, and I like to use this army whenever there is an opportunity.
Most of all I like to play with the Magic type, with either Brissa or Labetha.
Anyway, I like Conflux most because of its beautiful Sprites and the look inside!
If you push on the link button here, you'll see all the images of the Conflux creatures with their statistics and the views of Conflux from iside and outside.
12th of February, 2001
Cassana the Enchantress
24th of February, 2001