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Heroes of Might and Magic III
The town of Castle always belong to the humans. The only other creatures accepted in the Castle army were the horses as the mounts for the heavy cavalry units. But the recent wars both in Enroth between two royal princes for the throne and the local one in Erathia with the neighbouring Elves for timber have taught that the Castle army was in the urgent need of reformation. Never mind that the Succession War in Enroth was victorious for Roland Ironfist with his Castle allies and the Timber War with the Elves was finished with the truce treaty signed by the Arbiter from Bracada. The Lords of Harmondale who have found their estate divided in two by this treaty were not the only ones to nurture thoughts about changes.
The King of Erathia, Nicolas Gryphonheart has had the dread feeling that time is precious and the troubles would be awaiting the Castle population in the nearest future. He decided to reorganize the army that it would be more powerful. All resources of the realm were put into the project.
First of all, he excused the Peasants from military service and charged them entirely with one but the most important task - providing food for the huge population and army of the Castle towns.
Second decree of the King was about the existed Pikemen, Archers, Swordsmen and Cavaliers units. They were ordered to increase intensity of their training. The best would be promoted to the elite Halberdiers, Marksmen, Crusaders and Champions detachments accordingly. Every half a year the knights' tournament was to be carried out in order to stimulate their fighting abilities. The inner yards of Castle towns were filled with noise of soldiers and knights training in the art of killing. The Castle was preparing itself for the future wars.
The old and experienced strategist King Gryphonheart understood that these existed army units made exclusively from the human soldiers and knights wouldn't be enough. He realized that Castle would fight against other creatures who would be strange and alien with magical and unnatural abilities. The sword and arrows attack could not be sufficient to withstand the magical attacks. New recruits had to be found, and quickly.
In deep secret the King entrusted the most loyal and clever advisors to approach the former druids of the disintegrated Sorceress' towns. It was known that they shed the robes of the druid clan and didn't want to be called this way anymore, but undoubtedly they kept all their knowledge of energy accumulation and these powerful blasts they were known to shoot with. The King's emissary was to offer them alliance with Castle and high post in the army with all benefits due to their status. The emissary returned to his King with the good news. The new units of Monks and Zealots, that were the name the former druids have chosen for themselves, were formed in the Castle army.
The intelligence of Erathia reported that on the vast plain with the lonely rock formation were seen new winged beasts. They had the body of a lion, but the head of an eagle. They called themselves the Griffins and there were the leaders among them called the Royal ones. They didn't interfere with humans and built their nests on the highest rocks that could be found. It was speculated that they were creatures from the Dungeon army that has passed through the territoty of Erathia on it's way to Nighon some time ago. But they didn't seem hostile.
The King listened to all these news and reports and the beginning of the boldest plan began to form in his head. Plainly speaking, he decided to do what was never done before by humans - to tame the wild winged beasts. He surmised that the Griffins could be not wild at all and perhaps good fighters as they were in the powerful Dungeon army. Another question was why they have detached themselves from it.
The King invested a lot of time and resources in the private Griffin project of his. All his efforts were paid back over and over again. The Griffins became the allies of the Castle. The wonder of the King's subjects of his achievment was so big that he got himself the new name Gryphonheart to commemorate the treaty with the winged creatures. In all Castle towns the speciall high stone towers were built for the Griffins. They were used as the main fast attacking unit in the battles that can return back each enemy's blow, and they were used as the fastest messengers between battles.
The Griffins became one of the main units of the Castle army, but the top, most powerful position was still vacant. The advisers told the King that the Champions were quite capable to fit this position, but Gryphonheart knew better. He was looking for the really formidable fighters and he has found them.
From the ancient times the Angels and the Archangels have been considered as the protectors by the humans but their protection was viewed as the purely formal, spiritual one. They have never before involved in the humans' affairs. It was simply never done. But the time has come when everything was changed.
The continent was in shock from the Kreegans invasion. The align creatures from the terrible children's stories walked on the earth of Erathia. The Devils have come with war, and the Angels responded. For the first time in history, the Angels allied themselves with humans. The powerful Angels and even greater Archangels, capable to resurrect the fallen on the battlefield, declared that they would fight along humans as long as even one Devil or Arch Devil would be alive. And thus the great struggle has begun.
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Thorwallian the Assasin
29th of January, 2001
Well, I don't like Castle but I have to admit that it is the strongest of all city types.
I will go through the troops again...

Halberdiers are second best 1st level units. Some can say that pixies or gremlins are but actually those are good only because of their special abilities and halberdiers are good by themselves.

Archers/Marksmen... Well, those are nice shooting units. I'd even say best 2nd level units.

Then there are griffins. Since they are Castle featured troops, they can be raised in large quantities and thus make another good unit.

Crusaders are very strong level 4 unit. 2 attacks make them a real threat especially if they strike after another group. Still they are slow and this is their disadvantage.

Zealots are not very good troops. They are too costly and their quantity is too low to make them a considerable threat.

As for Champions - those are superb. Their blazing speed and range bonus make them fearsome opponents.

I won't say much about Archangels - their stats and resurrection ability makes them strongest 7th level unit in the game.

As for Heroes - I rarely play Castle, only in campaign games, so I don't know much. People say  that Sir Mullich and Lord Haart are the best. I play with Lord H usually and sometimes with Kuthbert...
If you'll press this link button you'll see all the images of Castle creatures as well as the town inside and outside view.