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Cassana and her biography
Cassana's Necropolis Guide
24th of February, 2001
This review is made for hard and lower difficulty level both for Necropolis and in a view of joining forces with Conflux as well.
As a matter of fact, it is my second favorite town, though one can't say so by reading my biography.

I like Necropolis because of its easiness in building up, its very powerful army in combat situation and the heroes - all are powerful in both might and magic.
Also, I think it is about the third on the town list of toughness in my register. Necropolis has an advantage that it can collect new skeletons from every battle. Once I had about 22K of skeletons in the game. They are great as the 1st level unit! 
Skeletons/Skeleton Warriors
As I said, a very powerful 1st level unit. That 's why I recommend to combine Necropolis with Conflux. The Skeleton Warriors in large numbers would be an excellent addition to the Conflux army.
Walking Dead/Zombies
These units are very slow and I think could serve only for defending Liches. They can attack if you have teleport spell. Well, in the combination with Conflux I still think that Storm Elementals will be better.
Another weak unit, which was more powerful in Heroes of Might and Magic II, but now its ability to stal enemy's spell points is practically no good. Water Elementals are better.
Vampires/Vampire Lords
This is a great unit in the Necropolis army! It sucks out the life of the living to replenish its own supply. Also, no retaliation in respond to the Vampire Lords - the subject of his biting attack is too terrified and weak to gather any response. Do not swap them against the Energy Elementals - the Lords are good where they are.
Liches/Power Liches
Marvelous shooting unit, I must say. I usually build them at the first week if I have an opportunity. But for those who play on impossible difficulty level, it could become a problem.
The Liches shoot with Toxic Cloud, which even wors massively when they are mere Liches and not yet the great Power Liches. That is why I like them - with 7 Liches,  approximately 10-12 Vampires, about 70+ Skeletons and 20-30 Walking Deads - with such an army it is usually possible to penetrate almost any enemy's units on the first weeks of the game before you need to return to the hometown for repelnishing your army strength/magic skills. Usually, when I come back to the hometown it is already completely built, or very close to it.
So, have them in your army.
Death Knights/Dread Knights
A great 6th level unit, which I think must be the 7th in Necropolis. The Knights can wield their swords with such an amazing accuracy that they can bring double damage or curse their opponents. I suggest you leave these units in your army as well.
Bone Dragons/Ghost Dragons
These are the weakest 7th level in Heroes III, I believe. Of course, they have their strength, especially in the Aging ability, but actually, that is all they have. Otherwise, speed they lack, as well as hit points.
I advise you to leave these half-Dragons to guard the major towns.

On the 3rd - 4th weeks you can leave town to explore the neighbors' territories  with the following army, providing you have Conflux as the second already built town. 
Skeleton Warriors
Power Liches
Vampire Lords
Storm Elementals
Ice Elementals
Dread Knights
Magic Elementals/Phoenixes
Here if you wish to take Necrpolis/Conflux army, you must decide, either to take the Magic Elementals or Phoenixes, or at the other hand take them both leaving Storm Elementals or Ice Elementals behind. It is your choice, actually. But I recommend the first choice, it has been always working for me, anyway.
Now, the question of what kind of hero you should take to lead this mighty new-forged army into the battle.
You can take Galthran, the specialist on Skeletons, or Nagash - a brilliant hero at the beginning of the game. Or maybe Isra, Thant or Aislinn? Or some others of the Necropolis town?
This is for you to decide, of course, but I generally play with either Galthran or Aislinn.
These are the skills that must be chosen for them (in my opinion, of course...)
Aislenn, the specialist in Meteor Shower spell
wisdom (initial)
necromancy (initial)
water magic

earth magic
air magic
Galthran, the specialist in Skeletons
necromancy (initial)
armorer (initial)
earth magic
air magic
Well, the skills do not differ much, but still - they are slightly different.
Now about the general buildup of the town.
Hard or lower difficulty level, both towns included at once.
Pixies and Skeletons are already built, the both towns with a Fort.
DAYS:                  NECROPOLIS:                           CONFLUX:                      

1st                         Walkind Dead                             Town Hall
2nd                        Mage Guild                                     Marketplace
3rd                         Liches                                        nothing
4th                         Town Hall                                  nothing   
5th                         Vampires                                    nothing
6th                         Citadel                                        nothing
7th                         Blacksmith                                  nothing
8th                         Marketplace                                Blacksmith
9th                         City Hall                                     Mage Guild
10th                       Castle                                         City Hall
11th                       nothing                                       Air Elementals
12th                       Capitol                                        nothing
13th                       Power Liches                              nothing
14th                       Wights                                        nothing
15th                       Death Knights                             nothing
16th                       nothing                                       nothing
The days with "nothing" to do are for the days when you are collecting money, merely waiting for ore or other resources to accumulate.
On the 2nd week you come back to your town, upgrade the army, but the most of it and leave again.
Try to hire a second hero now as soon as possible. He/she will be your guardian of the territory while you're out adventuring. Take the second hero and lead him/her behind the main hero's army, so that she/he would pick up all the chests that will be left by the main hero untouched for the second hero.
After this return them both back to the hometown, leave the guarding hero at home and take out with the main army again.   
This is what you should have built by that time in the towns, presuming that you were travellng 1-2 weeks.

DAYS:                   NECROPOLIS:                           CONFLUX:

17th                       Bone Dragons                             Water Elementals
18th                       Necromancy Amplifier                 Fire Elementals
19th                       Vampire Lords                            Earth Elementals
20th                       Zombies                                     Psychic Elementals
21th                       Wraiths                                       Pyre
22nd                      2nd Mage Guild                           Citadel
23rd                       Dread Knights                             Castle
24th                       3rd Mage Guild                           Garden of Life
25th                       nothing                                       Storm Elementals
26th                       nothing                                       Ice Elementals
27th                       nothing                                       Energy Elementals
28th                       nothing                                       Magma Elementals 
29th                       4th Mage Guild                           2nd Mage Guild
30th                       Skeleton Transformer                  Magic Elementals
31st                       Cover of Darkness                       Phoenixes (optional)/
                                                                               Magic University
32nd                      Resource Silo (optional)                nothing
Here it is!
Then after this, merely buy what you want from the both towns and then leave to fight! Just remember, the Pixies are merely Skeletons for you - don't upgrade them, just buy them and sacrifice them.

With the Magical University already built, you can give your hero the skills of the magical plains he/she needs - Water, Air, Earth or Fire.

Of course, almost all of the above could be changed as it is for joined Necropolis/Conflux armies, but it can be used the same for only one Necropolis.

Here is my building schedule only for Necropolis on the hard difficulty level or lower.

DAYS:                                                DAYS: 

1st              Town Hall                         16th              nothing
2nd             Walking Dead                    17th              nothing 
3rd              Mage Guild                       18th              nothing
4th              Liches                               19th             Capitol
5th              Wights                              20th              Power Liches  
6th              Vampires                          21st               Vampire Lords
7th              Citadel                              22nd             Death Knights
8th              Marketplace                      23rd              Zombies
9th              Blacksmith                        24th              Wraiths
10th            nothing                              25th              2nd Mage Guild
11th            nothing                              26th              Dread Knights
12th            City Hall                            27th              Bone Dragons
13th            Necromancy Amplifier        28th              nothing
14th            Castle                                29th              nothing
15th            nothing                              30th              nothing
                                                          31st              3rd Mage Guild
                                                          32nd             4th Mage Guild 

This is the building schedules for only one Necropolis.
Earlier  in the guide are building schedules for the first month for necropolis in combination with Conflux. 

I hope that this will help you, all aho play on the hard difficulty level!

~ Cassana