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BES's Tower Review
BES the Black Dragon
22nd of February, 2001
The town is quite powerful and capable to organize worthy repulse to enemy attacks. Tower has a lot of advantages that distinguish it among other towns.
Creatures (all upgraded)
Master Gremlins

Not bad shooters, especially when in great numbers, can inflict sensitive damage. More often than not they can attack twice due to the high morale.
Obsidian Gargoyles

Very swift flying unit extremely useful in siege combat.
Iron Golems

Good ground unit, though slow, but with the great magic resistance, which results in nearly uselessnes of any enemy offensive spell casting on them. The high defense level is an advantage too.
Arch Magi

From my point of view, one of the best shooters of the 4th level. High defense and a lot of damage inflicted upon enemy troops make them very useful unit in the army.
Master Genies

Though they are inferior to many other 5th level creatures at hit points and attack, they are still very valuable as they fly and cast benefecial spells on your troops and that could be extremely useful spells.
Naga Queens

No doubt that they are the toughest 6th level creatures of the game. High attack and defense strength and no enemy retaliation ability easily help  them to fight against higher level creatures.

The only shooters of the 7th level in the game. Have the huge amount of hit points, great attack and defense strength. If your hero knows Archery skill and have some artifacts  that increase marksmanship, for example, Bow of Sharpshooter or Golden Bow, then the Titans could be really the force to be feared in battle. As an afterthought, they are able to withstand any mind spell of an enemy (for example, blind) and continue to shoot and shoot at your troops!
Unique characteristics of the town

Very useful structure that gives you one extra spell for every level of the Mage Guild.
Mage Guild

Mage Guild has 5 levels and with the Library extra five spells will usually give you very high chance to get such extremely needed spells as Town Portal, Resurrection, Dimension Door and Fly.
Artifact Merchant

The same way as in Dungeon the Tower has an opportunity to build this extremely useful structure inside the town walls where you can trade resources for artifacts.
Wall of Knowledge

+1 knowledge for every visiting hero as soon as it will be constructed.
Lookout Tower

Enables to see a large piece of map around the town that was covered by black before the construction of the tower.
Resource Silo

Will work as a gem mine and give +1gem every day.

The Tower graal is Sky Ship that gives apart from the usual 5000 gold and +50% of all creatures growth, the whole map of the world.

The town is usually located in high snow mountains where enemy heroes' movement speed is slow.
7th level construction cost

The cheapest 7th level dwelling in the whole game - just 5000 gold, 10 ore, 10 wood and 10 gems for Cloud temple and you have your Giant recruits.
So, do you like to live in high mountains and have ski resort 12 months per year? And that Genies would tell you tales every night and not only for 1000 and 1 night but for eternity as their tale reserve never ends. Then the Tower beckons.