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BES the Black Dragon
BES's Stronghold Review
24th of February, 2001
One of my favourite towns, standing on the vast dry plains open to all winds, with the inhabitants that are always ready to move on the campaign on the first call and gather a powerful army consisting of the creatures with unique and various abilities.
Creatures (all upgraded)

Unfortunately, these do not have anything special about them except the fact that they can walk very far on a battlefield. But there is always a lot of them!
Wolf Raiders

These goblins were slyer. They've tired of walking on their own two feet and moved on the wolves' back and increased their speed greatly by this. Practice showed that it wasn't the end of it. They have also begun to attack twice and inflicted double damage to an enemy.
Orc Chieftains

Those never acknowledged any magic whatsoever. The only thing they do the whole day is throwing their little battle axes, which could kill a lot of the opponent's troops.
Ogre Magi

These creatures decided that just swinging around their huge cudgels isn't enough and began magic practicing. The efforts were successful. They learnt to do Bloodlust spell on your troops, which highly increased their attack strength. Adding to this, Magi themselves have big numbers of Hit Points, attack and defense.

They live in the high mountains, close to the skies and know how to harness a Lightning Bolt. With this ability, they are a serious threat to an opponent. Apart from the powerful atack and high speed, they sometimes do this Lightning Bolt spell on enemy units. It isn't just any other bird for you!
Cyclops Kings

Wonderful shooters who take the second place after the Titans among all towns. They easily throw huge boulders on vast distances, and can simply decimate half of the enemy's army; and in case of a siege combat, they can break down he town walls with these boulders, helping the catapult. I think that they have enough abilities to be honored for.
Ancient Behemoths

Nobody knows how the Barbarians managed to strike a deal with this ancient race, but now they have one of the most powerful monsters in the Stronghold army, the creatures that can withstand even the Black Dragon's attack and strike back. These huge Behemoths with tremendously long, razor sharp claws waddling around the battlefield in no particular hurry anywhere can deliver such a crushing blow to the enemy units with lowing their defense down to 80% so that it could be the end of the fight altogether. They are great!
Unique characteristics of the town

The town itself isn't bad too and has one small advantage before the other towns as well as some useful side structures inside and around it.
Escape Tunnel

This is a small advantage, but it is! Well experienced in the past battles and hard defending against sieges, the Barbarians build these tunnels in Stronghold towns. Now, should the situation become critical during a siege defending, the defending Barbarian or Battle Mage can just withdraw from the town by the Escape Tunnel from the battle.
Hall of Valhalla

Will give +1 Attack to every visiting hero.
Blacksmith and Ballista Yard

Apart from the possibility to buy the Ammo Cart in Blacksmith of Stronghold, you have a possibility of an additional structure of the Ballista Yard, where your hero can buy the Ballista.
Magic Spring

Usually not far from the Barbarian towns, you can find one extremely useful spring that has a magical ability to replenish all Spell Points and then doubles their amount the same way like you might visit a Mana Vortex in the Dungeon.

Also it is often the case that there are the Stables near the Stronghold on maps, and a visit to them will hugely increase the moving points of your hero for the whole week.
Resource Silo

Will give +1 Wood and +1 Ore every day.

Stronghold has the Warlord's Monument as its Graal. 5000 Gold and +50% creatures' growth are usual, but the unique feature is +20 Attack when defending against a siege.

Usually rough.
Small surprises

Around the Stronghold cities, you can find a lot of small objects left after the past battles like upturned wagons and skeletons, which can give you a small cache of recources, gold, or maybe even an artifact.
The town of the Barbarians is for the fierce fighters not afraid to attack superior enemies and leave the battlefield victorious. If you feel that you are up to this, then go to Stronghold and meet with the destiny of the barbarian Warlord.