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BES's Rampart Review
BES the Black Dragon
22nd of February, 2001
It is the mysterious city of Druids and the ancient race of Elves, the city of very special creatures all covered by magic. Many of the inhabitants have the unique magical abilities that help them in battles.
Creatures (all upgraded)
Centaur Captains

Are one of the fastest level 1st creatures and can inflict significant amount of damage.
Battle Dwarves

The great race of small people who are serious enemies in spite of their little height. They handle their huge battle hammers with great ease like it isn't a terrible weapon but a weightless children toy. Beware of these hammers, they can bring a lot of damage to your troops. Moreover, the sly little Dwarves managed to withstand enemy's magical attacks by their natural high magical resistance. If per chance your hero has Resistance among his/her skills and at the expert level, then the Dwarves are practically immune to magic at all and your opponent will be wasting his spells for nothing.
Grand Elves

As you probably know they are the followers of marksmenship and they are adepts in this art. They are one among only two shooting units in all towns that can shoot twice per turn and cause a lot of casualties among enemy troops.
Silver Pegasi

The elven women didn't want to be any different from their males as in the Rampart towns there are equal rights and emancipation. So, they take part in battles too by riding the flying Pegasi. Though, they do not have a lot of attack, however, they are extremely swift flying unit. Their specific magic aura forces the opponent spell  caster use more spell points (+2 spell points per cast).
Dendroid Soldiers

The slowest creatures of the 5th level among all towns but the tremendous amount of hit points and defense. In spite of their slow speed they are the formidable opponents with their great defense and when they finally approach an enemy unit they use their long roots and bide it to the place in such way that it can't move anymore. That is extremely useful against dangerous high level swift creatures. And every other enemy that will be attacked or retaliated against by the Dendroids will be bound too, we are talking about up to 4 units immobilized by only one Dendroid detachment here!
War Unicorns

These mythical creatures have decided to resettle in Rampart as they got tired of all those endless hunting expeditions for their precious horns.   The magical abilities of the Unicorns are great help in battles. First of all, they can provide wide magical field around all adjacent units, which protects your troops from magical attacks of opponent, and secondly, they can blind enemy troops.
Gold Dragons

They are very fond of their caves high in the mountains. The guard patrol of Rampart territory is theirs duty. Well, of course, Gold Dragons are inferiour to Black Dragons  of Dungeon by amount of hit points and less powerful magical resistance (only up to the 4th level of spells), but at the same time they better them in speed and attack/defense characteristics. And whatever could be said, they are still the Dragons and Dragons whatever their color is will be always the extremely powerful creatures.
Unique characteristics of the town
Apart from the magical ability of many Rampart creatures, there are some very specific features of the town itself.

The only one of its kind, the unique Dwarven Treasury. The Dwarves dug tremendous caves under their surface dwellings and store all bounty they have acquired in battles. Because of this Treasury your town receives extra income every week. You see, the Dwarves are rich and loan a lot of money, the credits are returned with interest, and all this is going to your town resources. Not bad!
Mystic Pond

When you'll finally build it in your town, it will give you diferent resources every week.
Resource Silo

Will give you +1 crystal that are so needed for your Dragons every day.

Should you decide to build Spirit Guardian, then perhaps you'd not regret, as it will give apart from the usual 5000 gold per day and +50% of all creatures growth, a lot of luck (+2) to your heroes, which would be useful in combat as the lucky units do much more damage to enemy.

The town is standing on the green meadows with soft grass that give your heroes extra swiftness in movement.
Should you like to comprehend the beauty and secrets of deep woods and listen to the ancient elven ballads, learn magical arts from the secret Druid society and the art of noiseless scouting though the woods, then Rampat is waiting for you.