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BES's Necropolis Review
Necropolis is the town of Necromancers and Darkness, where the secret unique and strange life of the Undead is going on. The Undead are always eager for new lands and new vassals who can reman their armies. The war is not a tragedy for the Necromancers, it is the best time for them when they collect a harvest of new, Undead recruits.
Creatures (all upgraded)
Skeleton Warriors

The town of the Undead can't be without its skeletons. Never mind that they are not too fast and don't possess any special skills, when there is a lot of them and their lines are adding with every new battle, this 1st level foot unit becomes a force that can't be neglected.

Nobody except the Necromancers themselves understand what is a Zombie, is it a dead, animated corpse, or a magical, Undead creature. They are moving with a speed of dead for sure, and are pulling long, handled axes behind them. Not one General of the Undead army cursed the Zombies with all his/her dead heart and asked, "Why do I need these useless creatures on a battlefield?". The only answer they have got from the Zombies was silence. 
The corpses are very good in silence. But in the next battlefield, they usually surprised their Generals with a secret ability of poisoning the enemy troops with a terrible desease. Since then, the Zombies got a new respect in the Undead army.

These flying creatures existed, exists, and probably will exist forever. They always envent new dark spells. In Necropolis, they can recover their lost Hit Points and pull the Spell Points out of an enemy hero.
Vampire Lords

Very old undead creatures, well known throughout the world. They fly, and drink life strength from enemy troops, usually attacking the weakest first and resurrecting themselves from whatever realm they go when vanish from this one. It is a terrible scene when the already killed by you Vampires suddenly are already in their initial numbers and you simply can't believe your own eyes what is happening on the battlefield, but this is often the case when you are fighting an army of Undead.
Power Liches

The glorious and great shooters. When they have been flesh and blood, they were the best shooters, when they have been raised in the Undead army, they became the Undead best shooters. But now they shoot not with arrows or bolts from bows and crossbows, but with a Toxic Cloud from the long, magical staffs. And this Toxic Cloud covers all adjactent units, killing the living creatures. The high defense strength of the Liches enables them to be even decent hand-to-hand fighters as well.
Dread Knights

The elite troops of the town. The same way as the Necromancers collected the fallen best shooters from the battlefields around the world, they have collected the best fallen knights as well. Covered in black armour, on the huge, fierce, black stallions with glowing red eyes, they are an intimidating view. As their pure strength was not enough, they were given some special dark abilities too. They can inflict a crucial Death Blow with a Double Attack effect, and also can Curse their opponents.
Ghost Dragons

The weakest 7th level creatures of the game. But the Necromancers are happy with even what they got. It isn't that often that Dragons have been killed in battle, and even it is usually the weaker kinds of Dragons, and the Necromancers are hunting for every body of the fallen Dragon, in hope to raise it as a Bone or Ghost Dragon. They don't have such a great speed as the living Dragons. And they have lost the fire breathing ability (that can inflict damage to two slots at once), and can only bite now. But the Necromancers, as usual, gave them some
magical ability in compensation of the lost powers. They can lower the morale of the enemy army, and age an enemy unit by halving the Hit Points of all creatures in the unit. So, don't underestimate these slow Dragons, they keep their dark weapon in readiness.
Unique characteristics of the town
A lot of dark, Necromancer abilities in Necropolis.
Cover of Darkness

"OK," -  said the Necromancers, - "you think that we are creatures of Darkness, then we will not argue with you and simply justify the name."
Then, every town of Necropolis began to build huge chimneys, which when operating produce a tremendous amount of thick, black smoke, that covers all the territory around the town. Now, nobody can see what's happening on the Necromancers' territory.
Mage Guild

All 5 levels here with powerful magic. There is a high probability to recieve such spells as:
~ Animate Dead (An Undead alternative forRessurection)
~ Town Portal
~ Dimension Door
Skeleton Transformer

All creatures can be sacrificed there and raised as Skeletons in the Undead army.
Necromancy Amplifier

The main problem of the Necromancers has been the task of remanning their army with new recruits, as wars with new recruits, unfortunately for them, are not ravaging the world every single day. After a lot of unsuccessful experiments and construction failures, they finally managed to create a strange, small, glowing tower by the name of the Necromancy Amplifier, which gives +10% Necromancy Skill to all heroes, meaning that they can raise 10% more recruits to their armies of Undead. With the additional help of some special Necromantic Artifacts in possession of the heroes, this level can be even higher.
Resource Silo

Will give +1 Wood and +1 Ore every day.

As the Necropolis is the town of the Undead, its Graal surely is connected with the Dark Art of Necromancy. 5000 Gold and +50% creatures' growth are guaranteed, but +20% Necromancy Skill increase of all your heroes is a great advatage when playing with the Necropolis.

Often, the town is placed in the underground, along with the Dungeon. To find it there is a problem itself for enemies.
Do you want to taste your strength in the Dark Arts of Necromancy and breath black smoke, listen to the funeral bells and look at the world from the backs of the huge, black stallions? Then the Necropolis is waiting for you.
BES the Black Dragon
24th of February, 2001