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BES's Inferno Review
It is a very interesting town, in my opinion, even though it is alien to this world. The goal of its inhabitants is only one - to conquer as much territory as possible. And many of its detachments in the army have some specail skills and abilities. Look for yourself.
Creatures (all upgraded)

Small, red jumpers, which always have a flu, though they do live in the company of lava. It is probably something from the family with them, and that's why they always have to rub their noses, which became so big because of this. And so that they could somehow get rid of the annoying jokes, which were always directed on them, so that they would at last be considered seriously, the Familiars learned an ability to steal the Spell Points from the enemy's hero in the time of combat.

These fellows like to shoot with fire. And the enemy army will have tough time if it would happen to stand in one heap, because the Magogs' Fireball has a large radius of effect. Though the Magogs can sometimes catch their own by the fire, but one shoudn't pay much attention to that.

The favourite pets of the town of Inferno. The Demons have managed to steal two from the Hell, and the Cerberi have gladly multiplied in Inferno. The Demons weren't wrong in their choice of pets. The Cerberi's three heads are always ready to jump on the enemies, and also to bite immediately all three adjacent units. And with that, they will never have any retaliation at all in respond! A marvellous ability.
Horned Demons

Well, Demons - they are Demons! Just a foot unit. They have loudly declared that they didn't need any magical abilities, they can kill everybody anyway!
Having a good defense, the Demons can give a suitable repulse to an enemy.
Pit Lords

The clicks of their long whips one can hear everyday in the places of army training. The Pit Lords are the captains of all foot units in the Inferno. And they also have a unique ability, because of which they did become Lords. From any friendly killed unit on the battlefield, the Pit Lords can resurrect new fighters for you - the Demons. Though, they can do this only once during a battle, but extra Demons were never a bad thing for anyone.
Efreet Sultans

An incarnation of Fire, from which they consist utterly and wholly. For them, there is no hinder on the field of battle, because they can freely travel above the ground. And they also posess a special shield, in the form of the Fire Shield. When attacking an Efreet Sultan, the enemy recieves the same amount of damage which he made upon the creature.
Arch Devils

The elite forces of the rulers of the town. They do not trouble themselves with flying or running on the ground - they simply teleport themselves, and the Arch Devils can also bring heavy injuries to the enemy. They are so completely assured in themselves, that they always tease the enemies on the battlefield, thus lowering their Luck.
The town of Inferno itself has some unique features, especially one. Here are they
The most important

Each town possesses its own Town Portal, which allows you without any problems at all, to teleport from town to town, no matter how many of them you have. And in a case of danger, you can immediately gather a big army from your cities, and give a suitable repulse to the enemy.
The Order of Fire

This small house gives you +1 Spell Power.
The Mage Guild

It has 5 levels. There is a very big chance that you will get in it the:
~ Berserk
~ Town Portal


The town is standing around volcanoes, and the rivers of lava considerably tamper with the enemy's movement on your territory.

In my opinion, the most beautiful Graal of all the towns - the Deity of Fire. And the most unusual! After you will build the Graal in Inferno, each week will be the Week of Imp and Familiar! Very clever of the Imps!
Do you want to breathe the sulphuric vapours, bathe in lava, or maybe get yourself such an interesting pet like the Cerberi? Then welcome to the Inferno!
BES the Black Dragon
24th of February, 2001