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BES's Fortress Review
24th of February, 2001
BES the Black Dragon
The town of swamp creatures and most of them have this or that specific magical ability, probably due to the fact that the Witches have been using their witchcraft from ancient times, and the fire is always burning under their pots with witch broth.
Creatures (all upgraded)

Gnoll Marauders
Not very strong, but not very weak either. Can be a threat when in great numbers. The favorite occupation is to organize traps on the swamp paths for the unaware travellers. That's why they are called Marauders, anyway.
Lizard Warriors

The only shooters of Fortress are with the highest defense strength among all 2nd level creatures. Their relatives could be found on the Dagger Wound Island.
Dragon Flies

Nobody is absolutely certain what is a Dragon Fly. Definitely, something flying and biting. Prefer to live in tree hollows. Have a specific magical ability. When they are attacking your troops, they always Dispel all kind of beneficial spells and cast themselves the spell Weakness on the unit. On top of this - great speed as a flying unit.
Greater Basilisks

Are a very strong 4th level unit. My opinion is that they are one of the most dangerous creatures as they have this nasty ability to stone. The chance that they would use this feature in battle is always very high. The big speed is also an advatage for them.
Mighty Gorgons

Powerful bulls, capable of inflicting very serious damage to all levels including even the 7th level creatures. High defense and a lot of Hit Points. The Death Stare ability is extremely dangerous. After killing two Dragons by the direct attack, they could kill 4 more Dragons with this Death Stare. Extremely powerful creatures! I like them a lot!
Wyvern Monarchs

The side line of the Dragon race. Not as swift as the Dragons, but nevertheless quite a good flying unit with the ability to poison. The poisoned unit will be damaged with every turn by the deadly venom.
Chaos Hydras

Five-headed creatures of ancient times still walking this land, though not very fast. They were taken by the Fortress leaders from the Dungeon and became the 7th level in the swamp army. And even with their slow sped for the 7th level, they are quite the powerful highest level creatures, even among one of the most powerful. On the battlefield, they are the real threat for an opponent because of the five heads which all attack at once and inflict heavy damages. And no retaliation response back here too.
Unique characteristics of the town

The town has some simply wonderful structures, mostly aiming in raising attack/defense capabilities of a hero.
Blood Obelisk
+2 attack when defending town.
Cage of Warlords
+1 defense to any visiting hero.
Glyphs of Fear
Also when defending ton but now +2 defense.
Resource Silo
Will give +1 wood and +1ore every day.
Has its own shipyard inside the town the same way as Necropolis and Castle (if, of course, the town is standing near water), which sometimes can be very useful on maps.
Fortress has Carnivorous Plant its graal. 5000 gold every day and +50% creatures' growth are the usual things, but the unique feature is +10 attack and +10 defense when defending against siege of the town.
Swamps is the home terrain for Fortress. Extremely difficult for your opponents to move on it if they are not native to it. Even with the special skills the enemy will be moving slowly, slower than your swamp heroes.
Do you want to taste what is boiling in the witch pots and learn what swamp herbs are for what or what means this or that charm? Then don't wait, go for the Fortress!