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BES the Black Dragon
BES's Conflux Review
24th of February, 2001
A new town in Heroes of Might and Magic III appeared with the expansion pack of Armageddon's Blade, and brough a lot of turmoil among the towns. Some players said that misbalance as well, but my opinion is different, I think that the Conflux has made the game more diverse and interesting. As to an opponent town, I must give the Conflux its due as it is quite a strong town. Look for yourself.
Creatures (all upgraded)


The swiftest of all the 1st level creatures in the game. And the prettiest as well! With their small Hit Points they still can bring many damages to the enemy and have a unique for the 1st level ability of "no enemy retaliation". With the right tactics, they can be very useful.
Storm Elementals

Shooters of the 2nd level; with high attack and defense and the ability to provide the beneficial Protection from Air to your troops.
Ice Elementals

Also the shooters, similar to the Storm Elementals. Have a magical ability, but can cast Protection from Water.
Energy Elementals

Have one great advaage - they can teleport through the town walls. Have a magical ability as well, the Protection from Fire as the bonus.
Magma Elementals

Not fast, but very sturdy in defense. Protection from Earth to your troops is guaranteed with them.
Magic Elementals

I think that these creatures take the 2nd place in toughness directly after the 7th level creatures of Heroes III. Super powerful 6th level. Huge amount of Hit Points, great speed and attack, all these make them one of the most serious enemies on the battlefield and require very special attention to themselves. No retaliation and the ability to attack all adjacent units enable them to inflict really devastating damages to the opponent. And on top of all of this, they are immune to all magic the same way as the Black Dragon!

The swiftest creatures in all Heroes III whatsoever. Not so many Hit Points here, compared with the other 7th level creatures, but they have their advantages too: they have the two hexes attack ability the same way as Dragons, can resurrect themselves, and the biggest of them all is that they are generated in double amount, not just 2 every week, but 4 Phoenixes.
Unique characteristics of the town

The town has many special structures that can lighten your life.
Artifact Merchants

The same very useful shop that can be found in Tower and Dungeon. Trading resources or artifacts and back is its speciality.
Magic Uneversity

My opinion that this is the best that could be built in a Heroes III town. You can learn all four magic schools in Conflux with the help of this building and after this you'll don't need to wrry about any magics at all.
Resource Silo

Will give +1 Mercury each day.

Has its own shipyard inside the town walls.

Aurora Borealis. 5000 gold, +50% creatures growth and all possible spells in the Mage Guild.

Usually on the grass. Also even on random generated maps, Conflux has a very good territory around the town.
That is the town of the Elementals Lords, where all four and even fifth an sixth planes would be subjected to you. Is it what you want, to be the Lord of the Elementals? Then Conflux is your hometown.