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BES's Castle Review
BES the Black Dragon
22nd of February, 2001
This is the town of humans where intrigues and plots are flourishing every day. Palace coups with poisoning and kingmaking are usual things there. Everything is very familiar. Nevertheless, this town still exists among all other powerful and magical neighbors and manages to protect its walls; moreover, sometimes the inhabitants of Castle gather their armies and begin new Crusades to the foreign lands and some of them were even finished successfully. So, don't consider this town as an outsider.
Creatures (all upgraded)

Considered by some as the strongest 1st level unit but as they don't have any special abilities whatsoever, the only thing they can really do is to swing their long halberds and walk slowly to enemy units.

Humans have been long troubled by the fact that Elves can shoot twice per turn and tried to copy their shooting technics but to no avail, until one day when a boy on some workshop backyard didn't invent a new crossbow of never seen before design that could shoot two bolts nearly simultaneously.
The invention was accepted at once and new elite units of Marksmen were organized. Of course, Marksmen have less hit points, attack and defense strength than Grand Elves of Rampart, but the point is that they can shoot twice. That is their task - to shoot, and other things will be seen in the course of battle.
The strange thing was that nobody ever saw the young inventor after this again, and the workshop has disappeared too, only the rumors of some secret laboratory were whispered in taverns around the town. Seems that humans always have a lot of secrets and they never change.
Royal Griffins

Powerful mystical flying beings tamed by the Erthian king Nicolas Gryphonheart. They fly freely in the human towns. Their uniqueness is in limitless retaliation when they can strike back every time they have been attacked by an enemy.

The fighting elite of hand-to-hand battle in the human army. Their favorite thing in peaceful time is to swing swords in a mocking fight, spend time with a tankard of beer in a tavern or check out local pretty wenches. But when the time of battle comes, they show themselves in all their superb fighting capability and double attak. High attack an defense strength give them a chance to inflict excruciating damage to enemy troops.

The first unit in the human army that uses an unnatural ability. They are former monks that learnt to concentrate energy and shoot with high energy blasts. The damage could be more than sufficient.

The elite troops in the army. The best knights covered with glory of the passed tournaments ans battles are all here in this unit. It is the blowing fist of the Castle. The favorite way of attacking is by jousting with their long battle spears. They have a habit to attack twice because of the generally high morale of the town.

Who else would be the 7th level in the human town as not their protecting angels? These sky dwellers covered in armor of huge amount of hit points, attack and defense strength can inflict a lot of damage among enemy troops; moreover, they can resurrect their fallen on the battlefield, pity that only once. But they raise the morale of all your army and that is always a chance to strike twice.
Unique characteristics of the town

Gives extra moving points for every town visiting hero for a whole week. If a hero has knowledge of Logistics and per chance has special artifacts increasing his moving points (boots and/or gloves), then along with the Stables visit the hero receives nearly a maximum possible amount of moving points and can run at least twice as far as a usual hero, meaning doing twice as much per turn, or catching with a fleeing your revenge enemy, or vice versa running away from an enemy to the saving town walls.
Mage Guild

Only till the 4th level.
Resource Silo

Will give you +1wood and +1 ore every day.
Brotherhood of the Sword

Increases +2 morale of your troops when defending the town.

Castle has Colossus as its graal. 5000 gold and +50% creatures' growth are usual, but the unique Castle graal feature is +2 morale to all heroes you have on the map.

Grass. Excellent moving abilities.
Well, what do you say? Do you want to stay in the familiar world without too much magic able creatures but with plenty of undercurrents and intrigues? Castle, the town of humans is always at your disposal.

The Castle has its own shipyard. It means a lot when one plays the map with lots of water.

It is very important on the maps with water. It helps your hero to sail farther on his/her ship.